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Baby, it’s cold outside + 37 week bumpdate

Since it was a bit chilly today when I went for my weekly OB appt:

subtract about 20 to get the wind chill

we opted to stay indoors for the rest of the day. Correction: I told Grace no to a walk (even though she begged- call me a cruel parent) and forced us to entertain ourselves inside. After finding this mess in Grace’s room,

recovering that chair has been on a to-do list for at least a year

we decided to channel our energies in a different direction, which is one of Grace’s favorite pastimes:

you’re welcome for the montage

Living it up in the Casa Weber, as always.

And just so bebe numero dos gets some attention, here’s the 37 week bump:

getting curtains hemmed/hung is also on the to-do list

 compared to 37 weeks with Grace:

Apparently I’ve been sporting the lack of hairstyle for over 2.5 years… probably longer.

And to any and all observant readers… you can thank/blame Dwija for the different blog look. I’m still not in love with how it looks now, but she inspired me to play with it to get something I really like.

Now I’m off to continue on the potty train with Grace… wish us luck.