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WIWS + Mass Grades

Back again with the Camp and FLAP to share about our Mass, so be sure to check over there too!

I had hoped to get a photo done right before we went out the door, but as always, we shaved it a leetle too close and even without pausing for photo ops snuck into Mass during the opening song. Oops.


she isn’t half so innocent as she looks, despite her expression

I only had a couple of minutes to throw on some clothes and makeup, and used my remaining 5 seconds to try and fail to manipulate my hair into something presentable. I had to give up and hope against hope it just looked beachy instead of bedheady.

button-down: Target
cami: Bumped (via target.com)
polka dot pants: Target
necklace: gift
sandals: Teva

and as for the behavior of my offspring:

Grace: C- (she was all over the place, constantly whine-asking for things, and managed to maintain her average by keeping her whining to a whisper)
Sophia: A- (awake and mostly quiet- I’m soaking up every second of this until she’s more mobile and vocal)
I’m really hoping Grace can bring her day’s grade up to a B average, because her sass and boundary-testing coupled with my short fuse is not a pretty combo.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to feed a baby and make some homemade ravioli and sauce with my brother. I think he needs someone to help make sure the wine that we’ll put into the sauce is safe.

What I Wore for my Sunday Best

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, and because I know that’s why you keep checking here, I would hate to disappoint. Also, how could I miss jumping on the double linkup train? I couldn’t, so here I am, linking up with FLAP and Camp Patton.

IMG_1809 Continue reading

What I Wore for Sophie’s Baptism

Finally, Sophia is no longer a heathen! She was born two days before Lent started, and this was the first post-Easter weekend that was free (how is spring always so busy??) so we were able to cross her first Sacrament off the list. She even got into everyone’s good graces by not crying and waiting to spit up all over her gown until after it was over. Continue reading

What I Wore Easter Sunday + OTI Linkup

If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice that my blog looks different from what it used to- I’m switching to WordPress and still working out a few kinks as I go.

I’m linking up with the usual FLAP this week, and joining the Easter one that Grace, Kayla, and Erica are hosting as well. Because nothing says, “He is Risen!” like seeing what I wore to Mass.

We didn’t manage to get a nice family photo like I had hoped and we may have forgotten to give Grace her Easter basket (she didn’t remember either!), but we did get a pew at Mass and both girls were well-behaved, so I suppose it was still a win. Continue reading