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Weekend Update

I’m finally starting to feel recovered from the weekend, and the laundry pile has an end in sight, so I can justify a few minutes here.

Saturday we went to Minnesota for a college friend’s wedding. We only live about 2 hours apart, but I’m terrible about the whole meaning-to-do-things-then-never-getting-around-to-it thing, so it’s the first time we actually went to see her. We managed to make it into the church just in time, but I ended up missing the best part (vows, of course) because in our hurry to get in, we didn’t change Grace and there was a wardrobe issue of the very wet variety. So! I think half the ceremony was spent in the church bathroom. Of course, we didn’t bring a change of nice clothes for her, so we had to hit up Walmart for something wedding appropriate… which was much more difficult than I had expected. In retrospect, since it was crazy hot, we should have just let her wear her shorts and tank top after all… but oh well. Continue reading

Weekend in Photos

I didn’t manage to get an outfit post on Sunday (I know, you all lost sleep over it) but we did manage to snap a few other pictures over the weekend.

In the interest of combining two of Joe’s favorite things (the Packers and waffles), we tried out Joe’s new Green Bay logoed waffle iron (note to self: doubling the recipe makes for a lot of waffles). I swear they tasted far better than they looked. Food photographers we are not.

During some serious reorganizing in the basement to maximize our space, Grace rediscovered her sensory book that Grandma and Aunt Marian made her.

She took a breather in the baby’s bouncy seat, which is now bent enough that there will probably be no bouncing for the new baby. Oops.

In order to channel some of her energy, we enlisted some child labor in dusting off the toddler bed

which she loves. Now we’re working on keeping her in it at nap time. 
We took a break to enjoy an ugly sweater-themed birthday party

And because my mom is awesome, she tiled our kitchen backsplash this weekend (next up on the list: touching up the kitchen paint). I’d have taken a better picture, but the dishes were overwhelming the rest of the counter and I have to keep my dignity somehow.

Not pictured: lack of Christmas decorations (they came down yesterday, thanks again to my highly motivated mother) and moving the crib to the guest-now-baby’s room along with some storage solutions in the closet. Now if when I dig out and wash the newborn clothes I’ll have a place to put them. Hooray for progressive weekends!

P.S. Mom, you’re welcome to come back and clean my house anytime. Really.