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We just got back from a long weekend in South Bend, Indiana to celebrate a college friend’s wedding. My mom graciously took care of the bigger kids so we only had Gemma with us, and oh my goodness it was amazing. She slept for a couple of hours at a time on the drive, allowing us to talk uninterrupted–lap of luxury right there, folks. Continue reading

Short Break

I’m going to be taking a leetle technology break (don’t worry, I’ll still have my not-smart phone) since I’ll be traveling to and from the land of my birth (read: New York not-the-city) to host a last minute bridal shower for my best friend and see some fam, making a pit stop on the way home in good ol’ Steubenville to pick up my brother from college. So, obviously, I’ll be busy doing important things for a week and devoting myself wholeheartedly to my family, thus keeping me from actually blogging about it in real time. 

Also, there will be practically no Internet access, which may or may not be the real reason for my hiatus. 
Peace out friends, I look forward to catching up on everyone’s blogs next week whilst I decompress from this marathon road trip.