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Theme Thursday: Girls

Hanging out yet again with Cari, who just made this fun linkup legit by making this image to go with the posts:

theme thursday


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Theme Thursday: Self-Portrait

What?! Two posts in one day? If you’re assuming that the children are asleep and that I’m ignoring the laundry, you would be correct. And since one of those sleeping children is in my lap, it rather limits what I can do right now. Lucky you.

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Theme Thursday: Mom

You all know I love me a good linkup, and I just can’t pass this one up.

Usually my mom (like most families, I think) is the one behind the camera, so it actually isn’t the easiest to find a photo of her. I love this one of her and Grace (when she was the baby! sob!) from two summers ago. I love the joy that is so evident in this picture, and I know that someday, it will be a treasure for Grace to have this picture with her nonna.

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Catching Up + Theme Thursday

Things around here have been a bit busy this week- my aunt is in town and has visited a few times, and we’ve got some serious demo work happening in the basement right now. I’ll try and get a house update post going soon, since I realize it’s been forever since I’ve written about it. I’m trying to use today as a “catch-up” day: cleaning, dishes, laundry, emails, blogging, etc.  God, in His infinite mercy, is allowing both girls to sleep at the moment so I can get a couple of things done. (Since I’m using that precious time at the computer, it’s obvious that my priorities are very much in order.) I’m still relearning how to do things one-handed while holding a baby, so everything takes longer than I think it should. We did make it to my local mom’s group this morning only a few minutes late, so that’s something, I guess.

Perfecting the balancing act between baby, keeping the pacifier in, and the computer on my lap so I can type isn’t a small feat.

And now the baby is fussing (please please please God don’t let naptime be over!) and I just heard the dryer quit, which means the clothes that have been in there for three days are done fluffing (don’t pretend you haven’t done the same), so I guess this post will be a short one. Time to tackle this pile:

I wish this was all of the laundry I have to do

which I can’t procrastinate any longer. Unfortunately, my washing machine is old and small (no such thing as an extra large load), and with the rate that Sophie goes through her burp cloths and Grace gets marker all over her clothes, I figure I have roughly a million little loads to go before I get close to catching up on laundry.

For more piles of things that I hope are better than my dirty laundry, go see Cari’s link-up.

Theme Thursday

For all of you checking in here because you’re on baby watch… no news yet. Feel free to click back to your regularly scheduled reading. Or read on, I’ll never know.

Cari is hosting a fun weekly photo linkup- this week’s theme is hats and scarves. I was hoping to have a newborn’s hat to photograph here, but as it doesn’t seem likely that will happen today, here’s yet another pic of my firstborn in all her (unintentional) Valentine’s Day spirit:

Yes, I realize she doesn’t really need her hat inside, but I don’t really need to bundle us up to go outside for the photo shoot, amiright?


Photo details: unedited, because I don’t speak Photoshop (that’s what Joe is for, but he’s off earning money and stuff), and everything was on auto because I couldn’t get any manual pics to be not-blurry. Maybe next time? I know you’ll be waiting with bated breath.

Head on over to Cari’s to see everyone else’s contributions!