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The One Where the Kids Won’t Nap

Never will I ever say that my kids are well-behaved or good sleepers ever again. The other night Joe and I tag-teamed bedtime, and after quickly laying Sophie down (as usual) I left the room to her smiles and quietness, feeling a tiny bit bad for Joe who was dealing with Grace and an epic meltdown over which cartoon character she wanted on her diaper (that’s right folks, not potty-trained yet). I commented to my sister and her fiance who were over about how Sophie is a dream kid who would quickly and quietly go to sleep without a fuss and was sleeping 11-12 hours per night. About .12 seconds after I finished talking, she started screaming for no apparent reason. I wish I were exaggerating. Joe came to calm her down, and circa 1 in the am she picked right back up again. Last night it was 5 am, and today she is boycotting nap time.

Joe laughs at me and calls me superstitious (I’m only a little stitious) but I think the timing proves him wrong. Plus, he’s the one who can sleep through the nighttime screams, so I think I’m entitled.

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