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End of Fall/Grace’s New Sleeping Quarters

Fall is officially over, as evidenced by my calendar (December does not equal mild temps in Iowa, solstice or no) and the snow flying by my window, so I thought I’d share a few photos before they get seriously outdated. Joe has been working like crazy lately, since there’s some big changes with the business (on top of the usual deadlines), so my mom took pity on us when she visited one weekend and raked our yard for us.


Naturally, Grace had to be part of the action and “helped”


Grace hated every second.

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I’m pretty sure my kids are conspiring to ruin my life. They’ve already discovered that the first and best offense is to stop sleeping, which they’ve been doing for the past two weeks. Grace has been ignoring any and all attempts to tuck her in at nap time and now cries every night at bedtime, which used to be cake. Sophie was sleeping through the night for about a minute, and not making a huge fuss when she did, but now hates sleeping and especially napping. She instead requires lots of holding to try to keep her content, and she’ll pretend to sleep until she senses that I am thinking about putting her down, when she promptly stiffens and wails. It’s great. And of course, when I’m tired/don’t get a break/they’re tired, it’s much harder to deal with life in general.

She eventually crashed.

She eventually crashed.

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Catching Up + Theme Thursday

Things around here have been a bit busy this week- my aunt is in town and has visited a few times, and we’ve got some serious demo work happening in the basement right now. I’ll try and get a house update post going soon, since I realize it’s been forever since I’ve written about it. I’m trying to use today as a “catch-up” day: cleaning, dishes, laundry, emails, blogging, etc.  God, in His infinite mercy, is allowing both girls to sleep at the moment so I can get a couple of things done. (Since I’m using that precious time at the computer, it’s obvious that my priorities are very much in order.) I’m still relearning how to do things one-handed while holding a baby, so everything takes longer than I think it should. We did make it to my local mom’s group this morning only a few minutes late, so that’s something, I guess.

Perfecting the balancing act between baby, keeping the pacifier in, and the computer on my lap so I can type isn’t a small feat.

And now the baby is fussing (please please please God don’t let naptime be over!) and I just heard the dryer quit, which means the clothes that have been in there for three days are done fluffing (don’t pretend you haven’t done the same), so I guess this post will be a short one. Time to tackle this pile:

I wish this was all of the laundry I have to do

which I can’t procrastinate any longer. Unfortunately, my washing machine is old and small (no such thing as an extra large load), and with the rate that Sophie goes through her burp cloths and Grace gets marker all over her clothes, I figure I have roughly a million little loads to go before I get close to catching up on laundry.

For more piles of things that I hope are better than my dirty laundry, go see Cari’s link-up.

Snow Day

We finally had enough snow for Grace to play in for the first time. Joe’s parents gave her a snowman kit for Christmas, which is essentially like a Mr. Potato Head, except instead of a potato, you build a snowman.

Or a snow Jabba the hutt. You know, whatever.

Someone was refusing to smile for the camera.

She really thought she was getting away with something when we said she could eat snow.

aaaaaand the beginning of the end of the snowman. I think he lived approximately 15 minutes before getting dismantled.

Now that Grace got to have her fun playing in the snow, here’s hoping for warmer weather. I’m so ready for spring.