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Favorite Pregnancy Items

Here are some of my favorite things that have gotten me through life recently (and not so recently, in my pregnancy with Grace). In no particular order:

1. These tank tops from Target. They hold their shape (unlike some other tanks I’ve tried- I’m looking at you, Gap) really well, help smooth things out a bit, and are great for layering. Since some maternity (or in the early months, non-maternity) tops tend to get shorter and shorter the larger the belly gets, these are nice and long to help extend your wardrobe a bit longer. Also, since they aren’t made of cotton, when you layer shirts over they don’t cling so much. You know what I mean, yes?

2. My Blanqi body styler. Similar to the tank tops, but much more supportive of my back and belly. I love that it helps smooth everything out and extended the wear of my non-maternity jeans. I actually won this in their Facebook giveaway in April (before I was even pregnant, haha!) but was totally planning to spring for one when I needed it. I have the black, regular length one, but will probably go for a colored one for the next pregnancy to switch things up. 🙂

3. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter. Now that I’m in the last weeks of this pregnancy and getting extra extra large, my skin constantly feels itchy as it stretches. Some claim that it eliminates/prevents stretch marks (which I can’t prove/disprove, since I got plenty with Grace) but it does help relieve the itching, so I’m a fan.

4. My yoga pants. Not as sloppy looking as my sweats, not maternity so I feel better about myself (and will postpartum) and not full-priced. I think they were $6 on the clearance rack (reg. $48). I have a couple pair that I regularly rotate, and they are one of my favorite purchases, ever.

5. Early in the pregnancy, when I felt sick all the time, and now that I get too uncomfortable to sleep well, this under eye concealer makes me look much less raccoonish. It technically isn’t just for under your eyes, but that’s primarily where I use it. Anyhow, it goes on smoothly, makes me look awake, and is cheap. I’m sure it will be on my favorite newborn baby item list as well.

6. Mint tea. I’m not picky about brands, especially since coffee is my usual drug of choice, but during the first trimester (and random sick days) this is what I reach for. I keep caffeinated and herbal on hand, depending on how I’m feeling that day.

Is there anything else you would add to the list? What makes pregnancy more enjoyable (or bearable) for you? I always love new ideas!