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Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen and Co for lots of takes in multiples of seven

Maybe I’m taking the easy way out, but isn’t that what Fridays are for? Besides, I only have a short window of time before I have to tackle the laundry, dishes, and sweeping (maybe vacuuming) and Grace has big plans that involve me and a stack of Curious George books. So. I leave you with links to things I liked this week:

1. Maps they didn’t teach you in school

2. A good read for all moms

3. Introvert problems

4. There are several birthdays in my house starting next week. I think I need to convince someone to choose this for their dessert.

5. Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman did some summer reading

6. The Jimmy Fallon version of Blurred Lines is much better than the smutty original.

7. A list of similarities between babies and drunk adults.

Happy Friday, everyone! Our weekend won’t really start until Sunday (people have the nerve to get married tomorrow and pay Joe to do video, which means this duet will be soloing tomorrow with the kids) but I hope yours is a good one!

7 Quick Takes

Here’s a few things I’ve been enjoying this week:

1. Love Stories. I’m a sucker for a good romance, and reading these has been great entertainment for all the late-night feedings.

2. Twice. It’s an online shop that buys and sells brand-name clothes. I finally signed up, and oh my gosh do I love it. I rarely get to shop anymore (small town with VERY limited options and small children) and I hate paying full-price for things, so I was intrigued when I came across this site. All the fun of consigning without having to leave my house? I don’t think it gets a whole lot better. Plus, my stuff came crazy quick – which I love, especially since I’ve been spoiled by Amazon Prime’s fast shipping.
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Five Favorites

Linking up with Hallie again!

1. Free stuff! My brother-in-law and I used to enter contests all the time in college to win stuff (okay, sometimes we still do). One of the perks to reading so many blogs is access to so many giveaways! My goal in life is to win one of those KitchenAid mixers that the Pioneer Woman is always giving away… or maybe someday I’ll just cave and buy one. Anyway, if you like free stuff like me, you can enter to win some glasses from good ol’ Firmoo here!

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Favorite Baby Items

I realize that having my second baby mere months ago doesn’t exactly make me a baby expert (I can hear you laughing from here) but I thought I’d throw my two cents at you anyway. Maybe it will help, maybe not, but I always like to hear what worked/didn’t work for fellow parents.

1. Ergo carrier– This was on the top of my ‘second baby wish list’ since with Grace we were broke (sometime maybe I’ll share the story of how we were both suddenly unemployed when I was 6 mos. pregnant… good times) and were going with the barest of necessities. I tried a ring sling (uncomfortable) and Moby wrap (I never felt like I could let go, which defeated the purpose) and didn’t love them. I also tend to get a sore back, so I was happy to find a carrier that didn’t put the stress in the middle of my back like so many other carriers. And, best of all, Sophie loves it. We bought ours off of Amazon, because some of the prints are cheaper there than anywhere else. Continue reading

Five Favorites

Linking up with Grace today since Hallie‘s off enjoying her baby… some people and their priorities. (Just kidding, Hallie. I’d snuggle with Charlie, too!)

1. Fun mail! Isn’t it lovely to get surprises in the mail? Emails and texts are good, too, but nothing beats a handwritten note- and a gift? I love it. I got to be part of Ashley‘s Penpal Project, and today I found a sweet little package with an even sweeter note in my mailbox. Luckily, Grace was so preoccupied with the junk mail I gave her to play with that she didn’t even try to swipe mine. 🙂

penpal project

Wouldn’t you love finding this in your mailbox? I thought so.

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