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7 Quick Takes

1. First, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone’s sweet well-wishes, cards, meals, gifts, etc. on Sophia’s arrival. We are so blessed with wonderful family and friends.

2. So far, I think we’re all adjusting fairly well. I don’t know if Sophie is just an easier baby than Grace, the fact that with Grace we were first time parents, we had a death in the family and funeral out of town days after Grace was born, we’re no longer in an apartment (no neighbors to hear baby’s cries in the middle of the night through paper-thin walls), I wasn’t stupid enough to hold out on giving a pacifier when needed, or that we have more people helping us out this time around. Probably a combo of everything. Oh, and I’ve been keeping my expectations wildly low, too. As long as the kids are alive, we all get (some) sleep, and we have food and clothes, I’m pretty content. Everything else is a bonus.

3. It also helps that the last four days (while Joe’s been working and I’ve been flying solo), God had pity on me and allowed the girls to nap at the same time. If it wasn’t Lent, I’d put a big ol’ Hallelujah! right here.

4. Since everyone asks, Grace loves being a big sister. I’m well aware that jealousy can and most likely will rear its ugly head soon, but thus far, we mostly have to protect Sophie from an over-eager helpful sister. I think my fave was when Grace wanted to pick up a crying Sophie from her crib, and confessed to pulling on her feet to get her closer to the edge. Nice.

5. Filler picture:

6. And another of big sis and her less-puffy-than-eleven-days-ago-mama:

7. Happy Friday! We plan on getting Grace outside to enjoy the snow, and taking advantage of my mom being here to bake, clean, craft, and keep Grace out of trouble as much as possible.

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Choosing the Positive

I was all set to write something today, along with accomplishing a few other tasks on my to-do list… and then life happened. Somehow things ended up going downhill quickly this morning- Grace was a rascal, everything was taking too long, dirty dishes are taking over my kitchen, when I went to go to the grocery store to hopefully think of an idea for dinner the van wouldn’t start, I still have (late) packages to mail to friends, the house desperately needs to be vacuumed, my patience was gone before 11am… you know the drill. Some days are just tougher than others to stay upbeat and not just give up on the entire day. Some days, you have to choose the positive.

And so, today I’m focusing on the fact that I’m tired because I’m growing a person. The sun is shining, snow is melting, and it’s a great day to run errands. I’m reminding myself to be thankful that it’s not 8 degrees and bitter cold, which isn’t a stretch for the upper Midwest in January. I’m grateful that even though it took over an hour (and some parental intervention) for Grace to actually fall asleep, she stayed in her bed (read: didn’t trash her room) and finally is sleeping. I got that shower I missed out on this morning. Even though the cupboards feel empty, we still have chocolate for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Joe took a break from work and took care of the van so I’m not stranded.

I still don’t know what we’ll eat tonight (something with chicken, because that’s what I thawed), the dishes aren’t done yet (Grace will want to help- it will keep her occupied with minimal mess), and there’s a very good chance the vacuuming will get pushed off until tomorrow, but life is still good. Today, I’m not giving up.

7 Quick Ones

1. So apparently it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Whoops. Joe’s parents spent last week with us, which theoretically would mean I would have even more time to write about nothing since they entertained Grace all week, but I actually was relatively unplugged. It was partially the chance to read all my library books with minimal interruptions and partially reluctance on my part to reveal just how much time per day I spend on the interwebs.

2. But really, it was great having help around the house- Grace never lacked for someone to play with, and Joe’s mom did all the dishes all week. Score. Also, we ate out frequently, so it was kind of a rude awakening when they left and all of a sudden I had to actually start cooking, cleaning up after I cooked, and kept Grace occupied in the meantime after my weeklong reprieve.

3. For everyone geeking out over the new iPhone, this is for you.

4. So Joe left me for a few days to go camping with some friends in the Boundary Waters- the lakes and wilderness that make up the border of Minnesota and Canada. While he bonds with nature, I’m holding down the fort with an ornery two-year-old with selective hearing. Don’t worry, as he was walking out the door the other night for his trip, his loving and sacrificial wife was sure to remind him that he owes her, big time.

5. Oh, and of course, first thing the next morning, I rolled myself out of bed thanks to a small voice pleading, “Up pwease, Mommy.” When I went to rescue the child from her cage crib, she proceeded to inform me that she was all wet, as was her bed. Basically, she looked like this, if this were taken on the same day instead of a usual day when she was dry and just being cute:

Why no, I don’t think she has enough toys in her bed. Call the SIDS police.

6. The county fair is going on right now in town, and it’s actually a huge deal as far as county fairs go. Joe took a couple hours out of his morning a couple of days ago to come with us and see Grace enjoy it. Her favorite things: petting the ‘chippies’ (baby chickies), seeing lots of tractors, watching the model train display with all the airpwanes, mocking the lady calling out orders to the guys manning the grill at lunch (“Cheeseburger basket! Children’s hot dog basket!”) and coming home to put money in her college fund piggy bank.

7. And the only photo we snapped of all the fair fun? This bad boy, right here:

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I got a job promotion!

Apparently I’m doing a passably mediocre job at raising my kid, (she’s alive, not starving, and sleeping without a pacifier at the moment: win win win) so I’m up for a promotion. It’s a rather gradual process, to ease into things (read: being tired, sick, and uncomfortable) before it gets finalized sometime around February 11th. We’re all excited and I’m only the teensiest bit apprehensive at the thought of caring for a busy toddler while trying to function on a newborn’s sleep schedule. Patience, love, and coffee be mine.