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What I Want to Remember

Lately I’ve been struck by random moments that don’t really stand out as big memories–you know, like family vacations, holidays, etc., but just little instances throughout the day that I want to remember.

Things like the way Grace sings whatever comes into her head. The other day, as we were getting ready to leave for church, I heard her singing Counting Stars, with an Itsy Bitsy Spider encore. Continue reading

Black Hole

What happened last week? I feel like it disappeared into some vortex, which also is a (weak) explanation I have for being MIA. Joe was working day and night, not including his out of state workshop in the middle of the week, so I have been flying Han Solo most of the time. Several times I wanted to sit down and write something, but I had nothing left to give. I guess trying to take care of all the various needs (diapers! food! crying! poopy underwear! bedtime! I don’t want to eat that! rinse, repeat) without a break or my partner in crime got to me.  Continue reading

Chaos Theory

I’ve mentioned that my sister’s wedding is coming up, which, for me, means hosting a bunch of my favorite people in the world in the few days before and after. Unfortunately, my house looks like a disaster area that leaves much to be desired, especially for other people to see it. Even though I begged Grace to be well-behaved today (especially after her reign of terror yesterday), it hasn’t been going super well. Of course today would be the day that she sent her yogurt flying across the kitchen (accidentally), right after my biannual kitchen floor wipedown. Continue reading

7 Quick Takes

also known as: one of the few reasons I ever get around to blogging.

1. I’m still alive over here. I’ll be stir crazy if I don’t make it out of the house soon, or get a bit of time to myself without holding my breath wondering if a small child will be wailing any second, but still alive and relatively well.

2. God, in His infinite mercy, has allowed both girls to nap at the same time every day this week. Until, of course, today, when I’m getting to the end of my rope. Maybe I’ll be able to finish lunch by 3 today? Doubtful.

3. Really, though, all complaining aside, things have been going better than I initially thought they would. I think I just expected life to be superdupercrazy hard with two, (which it kind of is) but it hasn’t been as nuts as I’d thought yet. Of course, now that I’ve shared that with the www my life is going to become hellish for awhile… doesn’t it always work that way?

4. The reason behind my lack of sleep (and subsequent short temper with ultra-whiny two-year-olds):

good thing she’s cute

5. When my mom and brother visited last weekend, I mentioned that we’d probably be doing some baking. I don’t bake much (isn’t meal planning/shopping/cooking/cleaning up enough? usually yes) but last weekend we kinda went nuts. Scones, cookies, my favorite cake ever (what? it was for my brother’s birthday) and that doesn’t count all the desserts kind souls brought us with post-baby meals. Grace now thinks she is entitled to caramel rolls, cookies, and the like for every healthy morsel she eats- and this from a house that rarely has sweets.

6. Speaking of cookies, I’ve eaten my body weight in canestrelli (Italian butter cookies) this week. I’m talking my full-term pregnancy body weight. They’re so good- although with about three sticks of butter, they can’t be bad.

7. And now that I’ve complained, lost my temper with Grace far too many times, and been generally grouchy today, I checked the mail to find a two page letter from a dear friend- sealed with red sealing wax, no less.  Just what I needed after a long, coffee-less morning. I’m so grateful for small blessings (that really are kind of a big deal when you need them the most).

And now that the girls are both napping (fingers and toes all crossed!) I’m off to have a date with some cake, so head on over to read many more takes by Jen and the gang.