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And I Wonder Why I Don’t Get More Done

I had recently been thinking about life with 3 kiddos vs. 1 little needling. Yes, there’s more food and laundry and doctor visits and chauffeuring and night waking but the older ones can do a few things for themselves, and the best is that they have built-in playmates to keep each other occupied. Continue reading

Easy Strawberry Shortcakes

One of my very favorite parts of summer is berry season. I love trying new recipes for the abundance of blueberries and strawberries I buy, but it’s always fun to go back to my old favorites as well. Somehow, each year I forget just how much I love strawberry shortcake, and how simple it is to throw together. It never lasts long when I make this! You could use canned whipped cream to make it simpler, but it doesn’t take long to whip your own, and you can’t beat that taste.  Continue reading

Toll House Cookie Brittle

If you’re allergic to (or out of eggs) and need a cookie fix, I’ve got you covered. If you’re one of those January dieters, then this recipe is totally not for you, because it’s full of goodness (read: butter and refined sugar). It also doesn’t hurt that this recipe is quick and incredibly easy. Continue reading

My New Favorite Granola

Is anyone else over the pumpkin obsession that happens every fall? I mean, I like pumpkin, but I don’t really need it in ALL THE THINGS. Anyway, all that to say, here’s a new recipe for something that has zero pumpkin in it. You’re welcome.

Also, full disclosure: I totally stole this recipe from my mom… but she doesn’t have a blog to share it on, anyway. Thanks, Ma! Continue reading

St. Joseph’s Day Sfinge

What St. Patrick is to Irish-Americans, St. Joseph is to Italian-Americans, especially Sicilians. St. Joseph is the patron of Sicily, and Sicilians asked his intercession to save them from a drought and famine. The rains came, the crops grew, and so he is honored every year on his feast day of March 19. Continue reading