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Life Lately

We woke up yesterday to this, much to Grace’s delight and my dismay.


I knew it had to come eventually, but everyone I ran into yesterday commented on how we aren’t ready for this. Grace, on the other hand, won’t stop asking if she can play in the snow. When does that transition happen? Because I definitely remember being thrilled as a child on the first snowfall of the year.

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The One Where There Was a Hole in the House

Last week, we were excited to really get into our first big house project since we moved in–putting in an egress window so we could have a legal and safe bedroom in our basement. I knew that a guy with a machine was coming to dig out the area, but I was kind of picturing a little skid loader with an arm… I was a bit surprised when I took Grace to school and found this in our yard.


I guess that worked, too.

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Pardon our Dust

We finally got rolling with our biggest house project since we moved in: transforming a room in our basement into an actual bedroom. Half of our basement is finished, but it was seriously dated (think barn wood, brick planters, old carpet, paneled walls… you start to get the idea). The walls in the larger room were painted three years ago when Joe was working from home to brighten up the space, but we hadn’t done much with the other room. We set it up as a guest room/storage, but it still had a dark, uninviting feel to it.


One corner of the room, but the whole space looked a lot like this.

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One Shade of Gray

and honestly, I couldn’t tell you which one it is–it’s a blend of a couple of colors (read:custom).

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform a room. Gone are the crayon marks, nail holes (a large one had to get repaired twice thanks to Soph and her little finger) and the dirty walls from where Grace put her feet/hands on the wall when she wasn’t napping.

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Grace’s Room Refresh

Phase 1, because we’re not done yet. More to come this week!

We started the transition to make Grace’s room the big girls’ room, although it will probably still be awhile before Sophia moves in. Poor Grace was still in her toddler bed, and since she’s crazy tall, was really close to being too long for it. She was pumped to finally get her big girl bed (we’ve been talking about this transition for awhile) and frankly, I’m a bit surprised she eventually fell asleep in it for her nap today. She just was disappointed that Soph won’t be sleeping in that room yet, but since she’s still doing well in the crib (and needs more sleep than Grace) I don’t really want to move her until it’s closer to the baby’s due date. Continue reading