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Newton’s Laws of Parenting

For everyone who thought that physics wouldn’t apply to your life after high school, a quick lesson:

1. Every child in a state of motion will stay in motion until she gets TV time.

2. The force of a child’s tantrum increases in direct proportion to the child’s size and the speed at which he or she throws herself to the floor. This also applies to the volume of a child’s wails while throwing the tantrum.

3. For every mopped floor, there will be a cup of milk spilled. For every time the laundry seems manageable, someone will wet the bed.

Fifteen Minutes in the Life

A couple of months ago, day in the life posts were all the rage for my fellow stay at homers who wanted to document what life was like with little people who can’t fend for themselves. I don’t have that kind of commitment, plus I don’t want to bore you to tears with an all day play by play. I’ll just give you a quick verbal snapshot to give you an idea what my day is like at any given time.

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Note to Self

I have this theory that exercise is like Confession: I never feel like doing either, almost always dragging my feet, but I always feel so much better afterward. I’ve been setting crazy low goals for myself the last week or so, but have been sticking to them and feel like a rock star when I meet them. That is, if a rock star’s legs burn every time they go down stairs to switch the laundry. Next time I whine and/or complain (feel free to drop the /or) about how much I HATE working out, remind me of this post and how good I feel at this moment. Plus, the more I exercise, the more I can justify buying cute workout clothes. Any suggestions, less-lazy friends?


My cute little workout buddy

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