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Catching Up

It’s been awhile since I’ve stopped by here, so grab a cup of something warm and I’ll get you all caught up on everything happening around here, okay? Continue reading

Embracing the Season

“Wow. You can tell little kids live here.”

It’s true. In my living room, the bookshelves range from wedding photos and classic lit, to brightly-colored plastic toys and picture books. There’s perpetually construction paper projects on top of the liquor cabinet, and the odds are good that there’re more toys under my couch than I know about. Move into the kitchen, and it’s hard to miss the alphabet letter magnets gracing the fridge. Our bathroom sports a step stool to accommodate little legs, and there’s an assortment of sippy cups that migrate around the house, seemingly of their own accord.  Continue reading

Sick Days and Survival Mode

Now that we’ve hit the three-month mark, I’ve been thinking that maybe I should start raising my standards just a tad and maybe I should start climbing my way out of survival mode. It’s less daunting than it was weeks ago to consider cleaning my house (beyond the surface), doing some work, and getting Gemma on a better schedule.

And then. Continue reading