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Black Hole

What happened last week? I feel like it disappeared into some vortex, which also is a (weak) explanation I have for being MIA. Joe was working day and night, not including his out of state workshop in the middle of the week, so I have been flying Han Solo most of the time. Several times I wanted to sit down and write something, but I had nothing left to give. I guess trying to take care of all the various needs (diapers! food! crying! poopy underwear! bedtime! I don’t want to eat that! rinse, repeat) without a break or my partner in crime got to me.  Continue reading

Sick Day

This morning, I got Grace out of bed, and she commented that her “tummy hurt because she stayed in bed the whole time.” Right. She made a similar comment to my sister. Usually she complains that her back hurts (she may have heard that before from a maternal parent) so I didn’t give it much weight.

I was wrong. Luckily, she emptied the contents of her hurting tummy before she ate breakfast. Unluckily for my sister, she was fixing her own breakfast while standing right next to Grace. Sorry for any lost appetites.

Grace’s wildest dreams then came true in the form of lots of TV watching. I normally limit TV and screen time for her, but hey, she’s sick and it’s virtually the only way she will keep still. Plus, I really hadn’t planned on cleaning vomit out of the carpet today, so it’s kind of imperative that she is not bouncing all over the place. Naturally, today would be the day the Internet went on the fritz. Netflix, where are you when I need you? PBS to the (kind of) rescue! (Related: Barney is as annoying now as he was twenty years ago – even Grace realizes it based on the amount of times she’s asked for George.)

On the plus side, I’m finally using the new post feature on my phone app. So there’s that. If you need me, I’ll be popping some vitamin C with my coffee, running down my phone battery, and trying in vain to get Netflix to play Curious George per the sickie’s request.

The One Where the Kids Won’t Nap

Never will I ever say that my kids are well-behaved or good sleepers ever again. The other night Joe and I tag-teamed bedtime, and after quickly laying Sophie down (as usual) I left the room to her smiles and quietness, feeling a tiny bit bad for Joe who was dealing with Grace and an epic meltdown over which cartoon character she wanted on her diaper (that’s right folks, not potty-trained yet). I commented to my sister and her fiance who were over about how Sophie is a dream kid who would quickly and quietly go to sleep without a fuss and was sleeping 11-12 hours per night. About .12 seconds after I finished talking, she started screaming for no apparent reason. I wish I were exaggerating. Joe came to calm her down, and circa 1 in the am she picked right back up again. Last night it was 5 am, and today she is boycotting nap time.

Joe laughs at me and calls me superstitious (I’m only a little stitious) but I think the timing proves him wrong. Plus, he’s the one who can sleep through the nighttime screams, so I think I’m entitled.

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I’m pretty sure my kids are conspiring to ruin my life. They’ve already discovered that the first and best offense is to stop sleeping, which they’ve been doing for the past two weeks. Grace has been ignoring any and all attempts to tuck her in at nap time and now cries every night at bedtime, which used to be cake. Sophie was sleeping through the night for about a minute, and not making a huge fuss when she did, but now hates sleeping and especially napping. She instead requires lots of holding to try to keep her content, and she’ll pretend to sleep until she senses that I am thinking about putting her down, when she promptly stiffens and wails. It’s great. And of course, when I’m tired/don’t get a break/they’re tired, it’s much harder to deal with life in general.

She eventually crashed.

She eventually crashed.

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Seven Quick Takes

1. First of all, I want to ask that you please, pretty pretty please pray for Dwija, her unborn baby, and her family. There’s been some complications with this pregnancy, and after having another ultrasound yesterday with not-so-great news, she and her family can use all the prayers they can get. Thank you!!

Okay, now for all my trivial takes-

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