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The View From My Window

… or mundane musings while I sip my tea. Catchy, no? I think it’s a great name for a linky party. Or not. If you stop reading here, I don’t blame you in the least. However, any family may be interested in the video link at the end of the post. 
I’m sitting here looking out the window watching the snow fall. It’s the type that would be enchanting in all the Christmas excitement of December, but is decidedly annoying in lateish February when I’ve been longing for spring. In the spirit of Lent, I’ll follow my sister’s example of not complaining and be happy that at least it’s melting (mostly) as it hits the ground, so less shoveling! Hooray! Plus, I’ll remind myself that it looks like a pretty snow globe and I have some mint tea to warm up the scene, at least from the inside.
Also in the spirit of Lenten offerings, I got up early this morning to exercise and somehow that motivation rubbed off on me to complete most of my to-do list rather quickly instead of dragging it out through the rest of today. Or tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to shower before Grace woke up. No matter, I figured I’d get a nice, leisurely shower in while she napped. False. Joe called midmorning to give me the heads-up that the garage repairman guy was coming to -get this- repair his garage door sometime around or after lunch, like 12 or 1pm. Exactly when I planned my shower. And naturally, Grace slept in this morning, which was great for my burst of motivation but not so great for going down for an early nap. And so I rushed the child through her nap time routine (much to her dismay) and took the fastest shower of my life, all the while begging praying that God would be merciful enough to not make me answer the door dripping wet clad in nothing but a towel. Luckily, God is merciful (who knew? I kid, I kid) and door repair guy showed up well after one. I even had time to change out of my holey shirt since I did laundry this morning (go me!).
Which reminds me: it should totally be illegal for jeans to put holes in shirts right where they (the jeans) button. All of my favorite shirts get wrecked this way. I still wear them while it’s not noticeable (hopefully), but they eventually start looking like swiss cheese and since I’m not so keen on giving everyone a window to my stretch marked unflat stomach, they have to get retired. I’ve narrowed it down to two suspects, but am unwilling to risk the loss of any more clothes to find out which it is.
We finally caught up on Downton Abbey last night. Ohmygosh. How long til season 3 airs??
To any poor saps who are still reading this (though it is your own fault for not closing the browser yet) I apologize for boring you with the sundry details of my life and wish you a wonderful Thursday and happy second day of Lent. I hope that your Lenten penance/offering/whathaveyou is going well and that your day is warmer than mine.
And to anyone who came here looking for something other than said sundry details, here’s a video of a cute kid: http://youtu.be/foFx2aK_7l8 I’d have uploaded the video, but having technical difficulties and not having a large supply of patience, this is what you get. I called the video “Singing ABCs,” but it could also accurately be named “This is All I Did Yesterday.”
In other news, repair guy just left and had enough sense not to ring the doorbell when he let me know he was leaving, thus not disturbing Grace’s nap. Praise the Lord. 

Miscellany Monday!

1. It’s finally winter here in the midwest. We woke up Friday to a lovely blanket of snow and declared a snow day, complete with sweats, comfort food, hot cocoa, and shoveling. Okay, so the shoveling wasn’t exactly fun. However, for the first year ever, I can be extra grateful that I get to park in a garage and not have to scrape off my car. What a blessing!

2. Grace has been a dancing machine ever since my cousin’s wedding in early December. I’m pretty sure she asks us to turn on music every single day. It makes us laugh to see all of her awesome moves. I’m thinking dance lessons will be in her future. 🙂

3. She also has this fixation with the vacuum. Has anyone else’s kids had one? She asks about it, oh, maybe 397024 times per day. It’s a mixture of fear and awe, because she doesn’t really like to get too close to it, even when it’s off.

4. Other favorite new pastime: her play kitchen. We scored an amazing deal on a kitchen and got her a little tea set to go with it. Every morning, one of the first words out of her mouth is “cook.” And as a bonus, it holds her attention for more than 5 seconds. Now I just need to get some play food and we’ll be good to go.

5. I joined a local mom’s group last year and this year I signed up to help plan our special events days. Basically, we’re the party planning committee. Our next event is coming up, and I can’t wait! We’re having local businesses come in to help us pamper all the mamas for a spa day! We’re having fun planning the morning to make it as special as we can for everyone.

6. My sister is still visiting, thanks to the snowy/icy weather and a flat tire on her car. We’re enjoying the extra time together and we’re squeezing in some crafts while Grace naps. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to get them finished soon! And if I’m really on the ball, I’ll remember to charge my camera battery and snap a few photos of them soon. (If they’re successful, that is!)

Happy Monday!

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