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Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen and Co. for takes in multiples of seven

1. Checking in from the frozen tundra. Okay, so Christy may have bragging rights as far as the whole coldness thing goes, but 3 degrees (feels like -15) isn’t exactly running weather, no matter what the instaweather app says. Continue reading

End of Fall/Grace’s New Sleeping Quarters

Fall is officially over, as evidenced by my calendar (December does not equal mild temps in Iowa, solstice or no) and the snow flying by my window, so I thought I’d share a few photos before they get seriously outdated. Joe has been working like crazy lately, since there’s some big changes with the business (on top of the usual deadlines), so my mom took pity on us when she visited one weekend and raked our yard for us.


Naturally, Grace had to be part of the action and “helped”


Grace hated every second.

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Theme Thursday: Mom

You all know I love me a good linkup, and I just can’t pass this one up.

Usually my mom (like most families, I think) is the one behind the camera, so it actually isn’t the easiest to find a photo of her. I love this one of her and Grace (when she was the baby! sob!) from two summers ago. I love the joy that is so evident in this picture, and I know that someday, it will be a treasure for Grace to have this picture with her nonna.

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Do you see the resemblance?

Several hundred times a day, Grace brings Joe or me (usually not Joe) a book to read to her. She then elbows her way onto the lucky parent’s lap, and settles in for a good 3 seconds before squirming, pushing the book with her feet, and turning the pages before said parent can read 3 words per page.

The other day, Grace brought me this book to read aloud to her:

which is basically the first, oh, I don’t know, two or three pages of Charlotte’s Web, only it’s stretched out and has more pictures. She was remarkably less ADHD than usual, and it actually seemed like she was paying attention as I was reading. When I got all of two pages in, she exclaimed, “Nonna!” (her name for my mom)
Since my mom was not visiting that day, it took me a moment to realize what she meant. Then I saw that she was pointing to this lady, Fern’s mother:
For comparison, here’s an actual photo of my mother:
I’m not sure if it’s the pulled back hair with bangs or the pig in her arms that did it. I’m guessing the pig.