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Miscellany Monday: The ‘I’m back’ Edish

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 1. After many days of traveling, I’m finally back in my own home on my own couch lazily drinking my own coffee. (Not that I particularly object to any of the coffees I had while away- except that disappointing one from Tim Horton’s.) And I’m finally catching up on everyone’s blog posts. So much reading, so little time for laundry!

2. Grace was a little trouper the whole time, tolerating her car seat, late nights, and missed/short naps really well. Though, like I told my dad, traveling with a toddler is not for the faint of heart, especially when you spend as much time in the car as out of it.

3. I did have a plethora of help the whole trip, but I was so glad to be home and have Joe there to take over while I crashed. I’m so glad that I’m not a single parent, and I have so much respect for all those that are and the responsibility they have.

4. So, the first (full) day in NY, my mom, sister and I hosted a shower for my best friend…. and the only photos I took are on her dad’s phone. oops. It was fun to throw everything together and get to celebrate her upcoming nuptials in person. I love you, Kristi!

5. On the way home, I discovered Francesca’s in South Bend. How have I never come across this before? I loved it, except when I realized that I’m an old woman because every time I saw a sweet little dress I’d think, “Cute… but if only it were 2 inches longer.”

6. I got to enjoy a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday. God delivered a gorgeous sunshiny day, Joe delivered by taking us to brunch (I didn’t cook OR have to clean up!!!), and Grace delivered by being (mostly) good at the restaurant. Win-win-win.

7. Happy late Mother’s Day to all mothers out there, including but not limited to, my own dear mother, my part-time mother (you know who you are), wonderful mother-in-law, and all my friends (real-life and blog) who are mothers to born and pre-born children. And to all those who spiritually mother, because that is a very special motherhood, too.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Miscellany Monday + Blog Award (?!)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I’ve been waging a war against allergies for the last week, and it’s not going well. So far, by my calculations, the score is: Allergies: 6, Francine, Claritin, Wal-Zyr (Zyrtec’s cheaper cousin), Tylenol, and Puffs with Lotion: 1.

Looks like we’re in for a long spring.

2. Has anyone just walked up to you and handed you a cardigan? That happened to me yesterday. Best. Day. Ever.

full disclosure- “anyone” = my mom. but still.

3. Thanks to my generous aunt, we now have a way to keep Grace occupied for at least 10 minutes: sweeping. My aunt got Grace her own little broom/dustpan set and now my living room, kitchen, hall, and Grace’s bedroom have been “swept.” The carpet in two of those areas didn’t slow her down. Maybe I won’t have to vacuum this month so often?

the domestic diva in action

4. For my birthday, Joe got us some sweet bikes. The idea was to get one for me, but it’s a lot more fun to have someone to ride with, hence his bike. (how convenient, Joseph) My cousin had given us a little trailer some time ago to pull Grace in, and we finally got to give it a test drive last evening.

exhibit A
if you could zoom in, you’d see her screaming with joy

I have a feeling we’ll be doing a lot of biking this summer, if only to appease our little slave driver.

5. Grace also discovered the swim goggleesque sunglasses I bought her 1.5 years ago and hasn’t worn since. I’m not entirely sure what possessed her to wear them for over an hour last night, but hey, at least she wasn’t whining. Plus, it made everything she did funnier. 
Yeah dude!
                             please disregard the dirty dishes and uggo counter. thank you. 
6. Over the weekend, I found that Laura at A Spoonful of Joy sweetly nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award, which is for up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers. So if you haven’t already, go check out her lovely blog.
the rules: 
a. choose 5 up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers to give the award to
b. show your thanks to the blogger who awarded you by linking back to them
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e. list 5 random facts about yourself. 
Awarded bloggers:
Cynthia @ Finding Great Joy
Camille @ Life in Mod
Laura @ Show Me a Day (I just want you to start blogging again already)
And for random facts: go here. (yes, I’m lazy)
Happy Monday, lovelies!

Miscellany Monday

1. My mom and sister came up for part of the weekend for a quickie visit before my sis moves back east for a year. Grace loved having two of her favorite people to come and play. 🙂 She also showed off her mad twirling skillz until she was so dizzy she couldn’t walk straight. It was awesome. I can’t wait for her to be old enough for those cute little preschool dance classes. 🙂

2. Who watched the Oscars? We didn’t have a party, but decided to pop some bubbly anyway, just for fun. Did your picks win? I had wanted to see The Artist anyway, but now I’m really curious since it did so well. And we all loved Octavia Spencer. We finally got around to watching The Help the night before (I know, I know) so we were rooting for her anyway. I thought her dress was gorgeous and her speech was totally endearing.

3. I’d been noticing lately that a lot of people out there in bloggyland had been finding some fun treasures on the cheap in their thrift stores. I decided to give it another try, since it had been months, and came up with almost nothing. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly the lack of a nearby big city, which would give a lot more variety, better brands, and more options in my size. I’ll have to keep it in mind the next time I visit someone in a metro area. On the plus side, I did score some super-cute shorts for Grace this summer, so it wasn’t a total loss.

4. My best friend from forever (our parents met in LaMaze classes while they were pregnant with us and have been friends ever since) just moved to Phoenix to be with her fiancé. It’s a bummer that we can’t hang out in person often, but came up with a great way to spend time together. We decided not to let the miles get in the way, so we opted to watch a movie together via the phone and Netflix instant watch. I highly recommend it- best afternoon I’ve had in a long time. Almost as good as our middle school sleepovers listening to N’Sync. (you know you loved them too)

5. Speaking of Netflix instant watch- they’re only going to have Sesame Street available for a couple more days, and I’m about to break up with them over it. Yes, I know I’m a terrible parent for letting my kid watch TV at her age, blah blah blah. Sometimes it is a lifesaver to be able to turn it on at 4:30 pm when we’re both tired and hungry and Joe isn’t home and and and. Don’t worry- I make up for it later when I give her all organic snacks and we play educational games while she tells me about her feelings.

6. Happy Monday, everyone! Enjoy your week- spring is almost here!

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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Miscellany Monday!

1. It’s finally winter here in the midwest. We woke up Friday to a lovely blanket of snow and declared a snow day, complete with sweats, comfort food, hot cocoa, and shoveling. Okay, so the shoveling wasn’t exactly fun. However, for the first year ever, I can be extra grateful that I get to park in a garage and not have to scrape off my car. What a blessing!

2. Grace has been a dancing machine ever since my cousin’s wedding in early December. I’m pretty sure she asks us to turn on music every single day. It makes us laugh to see all of her awesome moves. I’m thinking dance lessons will be in her future. 🙂

3. She also has this fixation with the vacuum. Has anyone else’s kids had one? She asks about it, oh, maybe 397024 times per day. It’s a mixture of fear and awe, because she doesn’t really like to get too close to it, even when it’s off.

4. Other favorite new pastime: her play kitchen. We scored an amazing deal on a kitchen and got her a little tea set to go with it. Every morning, one of the first words out of her mouth is “cook.” And as a bonus, it holds her attention for more than 5 seconds. Now I just need to get some play food and we’ll be good to go.

5. I joined a local mom’s group last year and this year I signed up to help plan our special events days. Basically, we’re the party planning committee. Our next event is coming up, and I can’t wait! We’re having local businesses come in to help us pamper all the mamas for a spa day! We’re having fun planning the morning to make it as special as we can for everyone.

6. My sister is still visiting, thanks to the snowy/icy weather and a flat tire on her car. We’re enjoying the extra time together and we’re squeezing in some crafts while Grace naps. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to get them finished soon! And if I’m really on the ball, I’ll remember to charge my camera battery and snap a few photos of them soon. (If they’re successful, that is!)

Happy Monday!

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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Miscellany Monday

1. I figured joining up with Carissa would be a good way to keep me writing in a way that works for me- random items in list form. A girl after my own heart. Plus she just ran a half marathon and I’m only a wee bit jealous of her endurance.

2. For the first time since, oh, I don’t know, July, we were able to enjoy a nice, quiet weekend at home. Well, it was nice until the Packers lost. I’m not sure Joe will ever get over it. 
3. I think I finally understand what pregnant women feel like when they’re nesting. I’ve been excited and motivated (okay, more motivated than usual) to get cleaning and organizing done. I just went through some clothes and shoes are next on the list. Which means I have more room in my closet for new things! Time to go shopping! (Right, Joe? :D)
4. No, stalkers, I’m not pregnant.
5. My sister has been staying with us this week and it’s been so much fun having her here. Grace loves having someone else to play with and I love having another adult to talk to during the day. 
6. I just realized that I haven’t posted any photos in awhile and thought I’d find one of Grace for long-distance family, but apparently I haven’t taken any recently. Maybe I should add take more pictures to my New Year’s resolution list. I’m pretty sure any pictures taken of Grace or our family in the past four months are on Joe’s phone. Oops.

7. Happy Monday, everyone! 
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters