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WIWS + Mass Grades

Back again with the Camp and FLAP to share about our Mass, so be sure to check over there too!

I had hoped to get a photo done right before we went out the door, but as always, we shaved it a leetle too close and even without pausing for photo ops snuck into Mass during the opening song. Oops.


she isn’t half so innocent as she looks, despite her expression

I only had a couple of minutes to throw on some clothes and makeup, and used my remaining 5 seconds to try and fail to manipulate my hair into something presentable. I had to give up and hope against hope it just looked beachy instead of bedheady.

button-down: Target
cami: Bumped (via target.com)
polka dot pants: Target
necklace: gift
sandals: Teva

and as for the behavior of my offspring:

Grace: C- (she was all over the place, constantly whine-asking for things, and managed to maintain her average by keeping her whining to a whisper)
Sophia: A- (awake and mostly quiet- I’m soaking up every second of this until she’s more mobile and vocal)
I’m really hoping Grace can bring her day’s grade up to a B average, because her sass and boundary-testing coupled with my short fuse is not a pretty combo.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to feed a baby and make some homemade ravioli and sauce with my brother. I think he needs someone to help make sure the wine that we’ll put into the sauce is safe.