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Grace’s Room Refresh

Phase 1, because we’re not done yet. More to come this week!

We started the transition to make Grace’s room the big girls’ room, although it will probably still be awhile before Sophia moves in. Poor Grace was still in her toddler bed, and since she’s crazy tall, was really close to being too long for it. She was pumped to finally get her big girl bed (we’ve been talking about this transition for awhile) and frankly, I’m a bit surprised she eventually fell asleep in it for her nap today. She just was disappointed that Soph won’t be sleeping in that room yet, but since she’s still doing well in the crib (and needs more sleep than Grace) I don’t really want to move her until it’s closer to the baby’s due date. Continue reading

Baby Items You Don’t Need

When Grace was born, we had very little money and lived in a small apartment. The second bedroom had to simultaneously serve as a guest room, Joe’s office, and nursery. We only had the space and money for the bare essentials. The baby registry lists will make you think you need a ton of extra gear, which really isn’t the case.  Here’s a few things we learned that weren’t worth our time, money, or space: Continue reading