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Halloween + Wedding (But Not a Halloween Wedding)

All the crazy from the past week is over, everyone has gone or is traveling home now, and I’m doing my best to counter the general malaise by pounding out a recap/photo dump from the past week. It doesn’t help that the lovely October honeymoon is over, and November is here with a vengeance, as evidenced by the snow coming down outside my window. My mother-in-law sent me a thoughtful email in which she commented how reentry is always so hard.. and she is so right. It’s always hard coming off an awesome weekend filled with fun, family, and laughter, and then trying to get back into our old routine. So! Buckle up, this will probably be a longer post than usual. Continue reading

Five Favorites

Linking up with Hallie again today to share a few of my favorite things-

1. This kid. After a few too many short nights and  a missed nap, she fell asleep trying to eat her dinner. I’m pretty sure that’s never happened. It was hilarious to watch her little head bobbing as she tried so hard to stay awake.
IMG_0031 Continue reading

Birthday Party

Since Grace’s and my sister’s birthdays are in the same week, we decided to celebrate them together over the weekend before my siblings head back to Ohio for their fall semester of college. We kept things pretty simple, with easy decorations and eating outside to enjoy the last of summer’s beautiful weather. I was busy most of the time (hooray for hostessing!), but from what I hear, everyone enjoyed themselves. At least if they didn’t, they knew better than to let it get back to me. 😉

the grillmaster himself

she LOVES elmo

she really was having fun… she was just super tired

Happy birthday Justine!

The reason we don’t have a photo of Grace with her cake is that she actually didn’t get a cake! She hasn’t had much sugar in her diet yet, so we figured that as long as she didn’t know what she was missing, that was fine with us. We sang to her with a muffin instead. =) I’ll get photos up soon, since we didn’t end up giving to her at the party (it got too late and she was a total space cadet) and I don’t have the photos on my camera. In true Weber fashion, we’re celebrating her birthday all week long, since gifts are still coming in the mail. It’s been a lot of fun to celebrate this way, and it’s a lot less overwhelming (for her and us!) I still can’t believe that we have a one year old!