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DIY Valentine: Hershey Kiss Roses

This DIY is a simple craft that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day (or any day!) for your significant other, kids, or even a teacher’s gift. It only takes a few minutes and it would be easy to make a bouquet while watching a TV show. I will be leading this craft in my MOPS group, but thought it would be fun to share here, too! Continue reading

Inde-paint-ence Day

Our July 4th celebration involved lots of family, food, games, sunshine, fireworks, drinks, and playing outside. My mom and brother visited for the weekend, and my sister’s family spent a lot of time with us as well. The weather was warm without being crazy hot and humid, so it was perfect for pulling out the kiddie pool. We let them stay up for the fireworks, and it was worth the late bedtime to hear their commentary. (“I’m enjoying this, Mom.”)

But the overall theme for the weekend? Paint. Continue reading

What I Wore Sunday: St. Patrick’s Day

Joining up with the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple to show off our Mass-wear… you know you missed seeing these the last few weeks.

I’m still in that oh-so-awkward stage of no longer filling out my maternity clothes and definitely not squeezing into my prepregnancy pants, so it’s really limiting my wardrobe. Also, I discovered this morning that I don’t own very much green, so my options were even more constricted. Here’s what I came up with after nearly giving up and wearing my momiform of a tee and yoga pants to Mass- luckily I haven’t hit that low yet: Continue reading