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Halloween 2014

We had a busy day with house projects going on, so it was a rush to get out the door in time for trick-or-treating. We made it, but had to save pictures for afterward, which meant that the kids were totally distracted but bribed with their newly acquired candy to hold somewhat still. Sophie kept edging further away from Grace, but between both Joe and I, we managed a few passable photos of the girls.  Continue reading

Halloween + Wedding (But Not a Halloween Wedding)

All the crazy from the past week is over, everyone has gone or is traveling home now, and I’m doing my best to counter the general malaise by pounding out a recap/photo dump from the past week. It doesn’t help that the lovely October honeymoon is over, and November is here with a vengeance, as evidenced by the snow coming down outside my window. My mother-in-law sent me a thoughtful email in which she commented how reentry is always so hard.. and she is so right. It’s always hard coming off an awesome weekend filled with fun, family, and laughter, and then trying to get back into our old routine. So! Buckle up, this will probably be a longer post than usual. Continue reading