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Dear Grace

Today, you turned five years old. Five! I was so glad I got to see your face this morning when you came out of your room and saw the decorations all over the house. You were so excited, and you loved that we did it for you, for your birthday. Five seems like such a milestone, like you’re a big-little kid now. I know that it really hasn’t been that long, but it’s strange to think about life before you. How was there a time when we didn’t know you? Continue reading

Summer Lovin’

You guys. I missed this space. We’ve been busy (but not any more than the rest of you!) doing summery things and I just haven’t made this enough of a priority. I’ve been waffling between just having other things on my plate and being too wiped out to blog. I do want to make writing happen more frequently again, so here I am, and here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to. Continue reading

That’s What She Said

Grace: “Elsa and Anna’s parents were dead ’cause they were violenced by a bad guy!” Continue reading