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Simple Joys

The other day, I was wondering aloud why I turn into a crazy person around 5pm each day. (Joe’s helpful response: “I don’t know. I’m not here during the day.”) The so-called witching hour is a real thing, and the two-ish hours from 5-7 every evening feel like the last stretch of a marathon. Or so I hear, because I don’t hate myself enough to run for 26.2 miles. Anyway, none of us are usually at our best at that time, and there’s a good chance someone will end up in timeout or in tears, if not both. It’s hard to see past the exhaustion and frustration (HOW many times during one meal do I have to tell someone not to put her fork in her hair?!) to all the sweet moments that are what really keep us going sometimes. Continue reading

Gemma: Nine Months

Nine months–that point where Gemma has been alive outside the womb for as long as she was inside. Weird thought, right? Honestly, though, it’s hard to remember life before her.  Continue reading

Gemma: Eight Months

Gemma is never happier than when she’s upright, and she’ll pull herself up on anything that holds still long enough–including her big sisters. She loves trying to get into the fridge, sneaking into the bathroom, and carrying a small piece of orange felt (origins unknown) around the house. Continue reading

Last Days of Summer

Even though school has already started here, it still felt like summer through the weekend. August always flies by for us, since Joe always has a huge work project in the first week, and then we have back-to-school preparations along with a bunch of family birthdays. Now that it’s after Labor Day, we’re back into the swing of routines of school, work, meetings, and soccer practice. I’m not going to lie, having a bit more structure to our days again feels pretty good.  Continue reading

Gemma: Seven Months

Gemma is crawling all over the house (we had to bring back the baby gate) and loves following us around. She laughs easily and often, and loves when her big sisters play with her. It makes her sad when she thinks someone is going to come pick her up and they just walk by instead. She annoys the other kids by wrecking their Lego creations. She’s figured out that she can screech loudly and likes to test her vocal cords every so often, especially at church. Continue reading