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July 4th Road Trip

I realize that the 4th recaps are old news by now, but I think that I’ve sufficiently recovered from ours to blog about it. You know, for posterity.

I took the girls to NY to visit family there for the first time in almost two years. We drove because we’re a little bit crazy and road trips were our thing growing up. Joe had to stay home for work, but my mom came along because I’m not crazy enough to attempt the 20 hour drive by myself with the kids. Plus, I figured it had to be easier to go this year, instead of next year with a little baby in tow as well.


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Five Favorites: Weber Week Edition

Linking up with Hallie – be sure to visit and see everyone else’s favorites of the week!

So, Joe’s sibs came to visit us for (most of) the week of the Fourth. It’s always fun to get together with them, because not only is it family that we’re with, but we are also spending time with friends. Somehow, that made much more sense in my head than what I can type out. Oh well. My point: we love hanging out with them, and had a great time while they were here. And so, here’s a quick recap/favorites of the week:

1 . Marian + Grace = BFFs.
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