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Five Favorites

Because it’s Joe’s birthday today, I thought I’d share with you lucky readers five of my favorite things about him. For many more faves that are not about Joe, go see Hallie and co.

1. Joe is incredibly patient. He works long hours, interrupted by texts about the crazy happening at home, then comes home and immediately jumps in to help with the kids to help save me a bit of sanity. He puts up with us females and our unpredictability and tears without complaint.

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Grace’s Faves

Okay, so technically there are more than five favorites, but if some is good, more is better! This isn’t too much of a stretch, right, Hallie?

I thought it would be fun to ask Grace about a few of her favorite things to look back on later. So at age three, here are her responses:

What is your favorite…

Color? Pink
Toy? Ball
Fruit? Watermelon (she is lying – she would much rather have a banana)
TV show? Veggie Tales
Thing to eat for lunch? Macaroni Soup (tomato soup with pasta and shredded cheese thrown in… basically glorified Chef Boyardee)
Game? Going outside
Snack? Granola bar
Animal? Bear
Song? Duke (from Veggie Tales)
Book? Curious George and the Birthday Surprise
Thing to do outside? Play and eat
Drink? Orange juice (She’s lying)
Do you like to take to bed at night? George and her baby doll
To eat for breakfast? Granola bar, sausage, and bacon
What do you want to be when you grow up? Touch Sophie’s mouth (I think we need to work on this one)

Five Favorites: Weber Week Edition

Linking up with Hallie – be sure to visit and see everyone else’s favorites of the week!

So, Joe’s sibs came to visit us for (most of) the week of the Fourth. It’s always fun to get together with them, because not only is it family that we’re with, but we are also spending time with friends. Somehow, that made much more sense in my head than what I can type out. Oh well. My point: we love hanging out with them, and had a great time while they were here. And so, here’s a quick recap/favorites of the week:

1 . Marian + Grace = BFFs.
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Five Favorites

Linking up with Hallie again!

1. Free stuff! My brother-in-law and I used to enter contests all the time in college to win stuff (okay, sometimes we still do). One of the perks to reading so many blogs is access to so many giveaways! My goal in life is to win one of those KitchenAid mixers that the Pioneer Woman is always giving away… or maybe someday I’ll just cave and buy one. Anyway, if you like free stuff like me, you can enter to win some glasses from good ol’ Firmoo here!

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Five Favorites

Linking up with Grace today since Hallie‘s off enjoying her baby… some people and their priorities. (Just kidding, Hallie. I’d snuggle with Charlie, too!)

1. Fun mail! Isn’t it lovely to get surprises in the mail? Emails and texts are good, too, but nothing beats a handwritten note- and a gift? I love it. I got to be part of Ashley‘s Penpal Project, and today I found a sweet little package with an even sweeter note in my mailbox. Luckily, Grace was so preoccupied with the junk mail I gave her to play with that she didn’t even try to swipe mine. 🙂

penpal project

Wouldn’t you love finding this in your mailbox? I thought so.

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