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What I Want to Remember

Lately I’ve been struck by random moments that don’t really stand out as big memories–you know, like family vacations, holidays, etc., but just little instances throughout the day that I want to remember.

Things like the way Grace sings whatever comes into her head. The other day, as we were getting ready to leave for church, I heard her singing Counting Stars, with an Itsy Bitsy Spider encore. Continue reading


I didn’t mean to go a whole week without writing, but somehow life just got away from me. And then yesterday was just a Day. You know the kind, where nothing gets done, I get grouchy, someone flushed her underwear down the toilet (not me) and the kids’ hunger strike protest went into day three. By the end of the day, I just wanted to go away, to be anywhere but here. And then Joe came home, and after some miscommunication where I knew I was clearly right and so he obviously had to be wrong, I find out that the poor guy was just trying to be nice (notice the updated header above!) and helpful to his crazy wife… which made me feel even worse. Smart man that he is, he took the kids out for a long walk so I could make dinner without leg-clingers, and the kids were finally happy with what I served so dinner went smoothly.

I know that part of my problem is letting little things dictate my attitude, and losing my cool when they don’t go as planned. Another big part is measuring a day’s success by my to-do list. It’s hard it feels as though I can’t ever get ahead, when everything I do just needs to get done again in a day or two. The same dishes keep needing to be washed, the same clothes pile up, the carpet is always needing to be vacuumed, and many of the things I (and other stay at home parents and homemakers) do is hard to measure. I don’t calculate how much time I spend playing with the kids, how many hugs they give me, or count the books that they bring me to read them as they curl up next to me on the couch. I don’t keep track of all the times that Grace draws Sophie’s requests on the magna doodle (Elmo, moon, and stars, please) and the minutes they happily spend playing together. Granted, those times are generally ended by screaming, but still.


I know it’s important for me to get my tasks done–the dishes don’t wash themselves, nobody else has been volunteering to clean the bathroom, and Grace has a tendency to use her clothes to wipe her mouth when she eats. But I also have a feeling that someday, in the next life, I won’t be questioned on how many days I finished my to-do list, but on how well I loved my family, even when things didn’t go the way I wanted them to.

Moments Like This

So. Today has been very Mondayish. Grace is alternately cute and crazy/naughty, Sophia is fussy and clingy (more teeth?? probably) and the ice and snow situation outside is starting to get to me. I wondered (complained) to my mom this morning, “How can it only be Monday? And not even lunchtime?” Not that lunchtime went that great – it gets so old trying to come up with tasty, nutritious food that each kid will eat, let alone enjoy, and of course they both have individual preferences. Oh, and not spending my life in the kitchen (and I do like to cook!) while also not spending beaucoup bucks at the grocery store or fast food du jour.  Continue reading

Dear Grace

Oh, Grace. Where do I even start?

I love watching you when you don’t realize I’m paying attention to you. I see when you hide your toys from your sister and when you take her hands off the furniture you’re on or the toy you don’t want her to play with, which frustrates her to no end. I see the snacks you sneak from her. I find the clothes (namely socks) that you have stashed in various places around the house – at least, I do eventually. I hear you mutter things under your breath that you don’t think I’ll hear. Can’t you save that for at least the preteen years? I obviously hear you when you scream at me at the top of your little lungs… but then, I suspect everyone on our street does as well.  Continue reading

Dear Grace,

There is never a dull moment with you. I keep reminding myself that you are two, and that accounts for most of your behavior. There is very little that happens that you don’t see or comment on. You ask roughly 48602657 questions per day. Two of your favorite queries: “How’s your day? So what did you do today?” You recently started getting more mischievous—when I turn my back for two seconds, you do things you know you’re not supposed to. It’s gotten to the point that I can’t move everything out of the way every single time I leave the room—phone, water, the iPad, your sister… Continue reading