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End of January and Five Favorites

I wrote a whole long post about what’s been happening around here, but was boring myself to tears, so I’ll share a few photos to sum up the last month and we’ll just move right along, okay? Continue reading

Better Reads

I’ve been spending most of my energy this week single-parenting while Joe has had a work project that demands days+nights. Thankfully, the end is in sight, I’m finally drinking coffee (at 2:34 pm), and the two younger girls are sleeping. Anyway, since I haven’t actually gotten a post finished, I thought I’d share my favorite things from around the internet this week. Happy weekending! Continue reading

7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Kelly to share some of my favorite things around the interwebz this week. 

I wasn’t able to go to the March for Life last week (too busy with the new life in our house!) but was thrilled to see that an old college friend of mine gave the homily at the Mass for Life at the Verizon Center. You can watch the video (the second one on the page) or read the gist of it here. I may be a bit biased, but I think it’s worth your time to listen to his story of a woman with a couple of crisis pregnancies. Continue reading

Links and Clicks and Takes

This ended up being just long enough to stretch into Jen‘s Seven Quick Takes linkup… so check there for more reading material!

1. First, could you spare a minute (or more!) to pray for this family? Mary writes so lovingly about their family’s journey through her daughter’s final weeks on earth. The faith their whole family shows is so inspiring, and it comes across in every post she writes. If you feel called to help them out financially (they could really use it!) you can do so through her site as well.

2. Here’s a cool new product for all you crunchy people out there (or if you just live somewhere that doesn’t use grocery bags!). Joe’s company made the video, and when he showed me, I was really impressed! (Both with the product idea and with the video, Joe). I’m definitely no hippie, but I’ll use these for sure.

3. My brother’s girlfriend nannied (nannies? they weren’t clear on the details) these kids and when she sent me this video, told me she’s pretty sure they still don’t keep flour in the house. I can’t say that I blame them. Also, I have to say that I’m seriously impressed that the mom didn’t freak like I surely would have.

4. Jenny is doing a great series this month about what Catholics believe about sex and marriage… this one is my favorite so far, but they’re all good!

5. For all you comic book nerds out there (not me) check it out–my cousin is Batman! He was used as a model for this Batman arc, plus another cousin was used as the model for a new villain.

6. Molly wrote a wonderful piece on being open to life, and how that looks different for different families.

7. And that’s all I’ve got for now! Hope you all enjoy your weekend–we’re planning on hitting up the homecoming football game tonight and I think I might finally bust out some fall decorations tomorrow. Maybe we’ll go on a pumpkin hunt, too, because what fun is it to buy them from the grocery store?


And now I’m hearing loud crashes from Grace’s room where she is decidedly not napping… this should be good.

Back in Action

We just got back last night from our long drive to NY to celebrate my best friend’s wedding. The trip was awesome and I feel so blessed. I’ll probably write more about it another time, but for now I wanted to post a quickie update to try and get back in the groove of blogging and homemaking again.  I’m taking a little break from catching up on laundry (procrastinating folding as I type) and unpacking (I hate it) while I eat my favorite white cheddar popcorn (they don’t carry my fave brand here, so I had to get some to bring home) and read up on all the blog posts I missed. Until I have something more noteworthy to share, here’s a few other clickable posts to feast on:

Congrats to Ashley on her beautiful little girl!
And on that note, to Jen on her anniversary and her big news!
I’m totally making this soup pronto. Probably with grilled cheese or a baguette, something with lots of carbs.
Check out my sister’s blog on being single, especially her latest post.
Pretty much all of Simcha Fisher’s writing is literary gold, but here’s a recent favorite.
This is from before I left, but just got a chance to read it: check out Sara’s Lego-themed party for her son. So cute, and it looks easy enough that I might even file it away for future uses.
Anna and Ana have both helped inspire me to bake an apple pie to celebrate the beginning of fall. We’ll see how ambitious I get this weekend.