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Baby, it’s cold outside + 37 week bumpdate

Since it was a bit chilly today when I went for my weekly OB appt:

subtract about 20 to get the wind chill

we opted to stay indoors for the rest of the day. Correction: I told Grace no to a walk (even though she begged- call me a cruel parent) and forced us to entertain ourselves inside. After finding this mess in Grace’s room,

recovering that chair has been on a to-do list for at least a year

we decided to channel our energies in a different direction, which is one of Grace’s favorite pastimes:

you’re welcome for the montage

Living it up in the Casa Weber, as always.

And just so bebe numero dos gets some attention, here’s the 37 week bump:

getting curtains hemmed/hung is also on the to-do list

 compared to 37 weeks with Grace:

Apparently I’ve been sporting the lack of hairstyle for over 2.5 years… probably longer.

And to any and all observant readers… you can thank/blame Dwija for the different blog look. I’m still not in love with how it looks now, but she inspired me to play with it to get something I really like.

Now I’m off to continue on the potty train with Grace… wish us luck.

The Past Few Weeks

I know I haven’t written in awhile, but the word well had run dry of anything readable. I thought about posting for the sake of posting, but it mostly would have read something like: whine whine whine, complain complain complain, blah blah blah. I’ve been somewhat under the weather, it’s too darn hot to do anything or want to go anywhere, and we’ve been boring in general.

To sum up the past month: my sister came to visit, and more importantly, she took over care of Grace for a couple days so I could sleep, tweeze my eyebrows, and browse Facebook to my heart’s content. Justine: come back anytime and I can safely promise more of the same.

We didn’t do much for the 4th of July this year. (The annual NY cousins pyramid will have to wait til… next year? or whenever.) We did catch the fireworks in town and did appropriately celebrate with root beer floats. Happy birthday, America.

Grace and I slipped up to the Minneapolis ‘burbs for the better part of a week to spend some quality time with my cousin and her sweet family. Grace was thrilled that her mother quit her reclusive ways (have I mentioned it’s really hot?) so she could have some social interaction with people her own age.

Our little sojourn up north inspired Grace to try potty training. I’m trying not to be too optimistic, in the event that it doesn’t go as planned and we’ll have to wait a few months to try, try again. I also finally got around to getting the poor child a booster seat, since she and I were both tired of getting her in and out of her high chair multiple times per day. Since she outgrew it oh, six months ago, I suppose you could say it’s about time.

I looked for a token blog post photo, and apparently I gave up taking pictures for the summer. Or maybe we haven’t done anything photo worthy. Either way, I snapped this token pic on good ol’ Photo Booth for your viewing pleasure. I know you wanted to see her new tutu that she snagged at a garage sale, the little bargain shopper:

this one too.

Let’s see… that should sum everything up. Time for you to read/do something interesting, and for me to wipe Grace’s perpetually running nose and not lose my cool for the hundredth time today while she disobeys/purposely does something naughty for the two hundredth time today.