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Gemma’s Birth Story (Part 2)

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So, I was pretty sure my water had broken, but I also wanted lunch. I also hadn’t packed my hospital bag (procrastinator for lyfe). I knew if I told the nurses what had happened, they would make me stay, so I kept my mouth shut as they cheerfully waved to me and told me to enjoy the rest of my day, since my induction was planned for early in the morning. I called Joe as I left, and told him that he probably wasn’t going to finish his day at work, then headed home to get a bite to eat and throw some things in a bag.  Continue reading

Gemma’s Birth Story (Part 1)

I’d been having very light contractions for about three weeks or so, and each day wondered if this would be the day that they picked up. (nope, it wasn’t.) My due date was January 8th, and I mostly just hoped that we would be able to enjoy the holidays and time with family before the baby came and I was in the hospital. The holidays came and went, and still no baby. I knew from my weekly appointments that I was getting closer, but still, labor was not starting.
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Sophia’s Birth Story

If you like long, wordy birth stories… well, you’re in the right place.

I had been having some verrry light contractions for a couple of weeks (light enough that I wasn’t sure I was having them for awhile) and had made a bit of progress over the last couple of weeks so I was cautiously optimistic that this baby wouldn’t be as late as Grace was. On the Friday night before the (Monday) due date, I was starting to feel stronger (but not painful) contractions. I knew the real deal would be happening soon, so I tried not to panic about all the cleaning and packing that needed to get done before the hospital. I thought about timing contractions, but decided I should probably go to bed since I remembered not sleeping much for a couple days leading up to Grace’s arrival, and preferred to get all the rest I could this time around. Continue reading

Grace’s Birth Story

I thought it was time that I actually got this down, since it’s been three years ago today that this got rolling and I didn’t want to forget even more details.

Grace’s due date was August 11, 2010. It had been a hot, hot summer, not the best time to have my third trimester. As the due date approached, I grew quickly grew tired of people telling me that they were ready for my baby to be born. Aug. 11 came and went, and still no baby. For reasons I can’t really remember, I really didn’t want to rush the process. My doctor scheduled an induction, but assured me that scheduling it would probably set me into labor… and then told me not to go into labor that weekend because he would be away. Right. I’ll see what I can do.

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