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Look Who’s Here!

The radio silence around here has been for good reason: after being four days fashionably late, Gemma Catherine finally decided to grace us with her presence on Monday, January 12. She is sweet, alert, has crazy long fingers and toes, and is very much loved by her doting, if over-zealous, big sisters. The first few days at home have gone well, and Gemma is fitting right in. The birth story will come sometime soon, but for now, here’s a couple of photos of our newest girl.  Continue reading

Around Here

For any of you on baby watch, I’m still pregnant. I’m due on Thursday, so here’s hoping that this baby will decide to grace us with his or her presence soon. I keep getting asked if anything is happening, so here’s a blanket statement: other than light contractions for the past threeish weeks, there really isn’t anything to report. I do promise that when this child does arrive, we’ll let you know. We’re not in the habit of keeping our kids secret. 😉 Continue reading

Where I’ve Been (Big News!)

Okay guys. Half of my readers (Mom and Joe) warned me against pointing out how long it is since I’ve blogged, but I felt as though I have a bit of explaining to do. I promise I have good reasons, outside of the whole busy work/busy summer/crazy kids excuses that don’t really count. So, here you go: Continue reading