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New Mom Survival Kit

For my sister’s baby shower last Saturday, I wanted to give her something fun that she didn’t have on the registry. I loved when I was gifted with thoughtful gifts from experienced moms who knew what worked and what didn’t. When I came across the Worst Case Scenario book at a price I couldn’t refuse, I knew I had to include it. It’s a bit of a family joke, but it’s entertaining for anyone to flip through. Most of the other supplies I found in the travel section, which also makes this a pretty wallet-friendly gift idea.

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Baby Items You Don’t Need

When Grace was born, we had very little money and lived in a small apartment. The second bedroom had to simultaneously serve as a guest room, Joe’s office, and nursery. We only had the space and money for the bare essentials. The baby registry lists will make you think you need a ton of extra gear, which really isn’t the case.  Here’s a few things we learned that weren’t worth our time, money, or space: Continue reading

Favorite Baby Items

I realize that having my second baby mere months ago doesn’t exactly make me a baby expert (I can hear you laughing from here) but I thought I’d throw my two cents at you anyway. Maybe it will help, maybe not, but I always like to hear what worked/didn’t work for fellow parents.

1. Ergo carrier– This was on the top of my ‘second baby wish list’ since with Grace we were broke (sometime maybe I’ll share the story of how we were both suddenly unemployed when I was 6 mos. pregnant… good times) and were going with the barest of necessities. I tried a ring sling (uncomfortable) and Moby wrap (I never felt like I could let go, which defeated the purpose) and didn’t love them. I also tend to get a sore back, so I was happy to find a carrier that didn’t put the stress in the middle of my back like so many other carriers. And, best of all, Sophie loves it. We bought ours off of Amazon, because some of the prints are cheaper there than anywhere else. Continue reading


Sophia Rose Weber
born February 11, 2013
4:08 AM
9 lbs, 21 inches

We’re getting settled in at home and adjusting well. I’ll be writing more soon (birth story, anyone?) but haven’t found the words yet.

My heart is so full. We’re incredibly grateful for this beautiful blessing and loving life with our two girls.

Baby, it’s cold outside + 37 week bumpdate

Since it was a bit chilly today when I went for my weekly OB appt:

subtract about 20 to get the wind chill

we opted to stay indoors for the rest of the day. Correction: I told Grace no to a walk (even though she begged- call me a cruel parent) and forced us to entertain ourselves inside. After finding this mess in Grace’s room,

recovering that chair has been on a to-do list for at least a year

we decided to channel our energies in a different direction, which is one of Grace’s favorite pastimes:

you’re welcome for the montage

Living it up in the Casa Weber, as always.

And just so bebe numero dos gets some attention, here’s the 37 week bump:

getting curtains hemmed/hung is also on the to-do list

 compared to 37 weeks with Grace:

Apparently I’ve been sporting the lack of hairstyle for over 2.5 years… probably longer.

And to any and all observant readers… you can thank/blame Dwija for the different blog look. I’m still not in love with how it looks now, but she inspired me to play with it to get something I really like.

Now I’m off to continue on the potty train with Grace… wish us luck.