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Some Adventy Thoughts

We pulled out Christmas decorations yesterday, and, while they’re not all out of the tubs yet, we did make some progress in making our house look festive. Grace was so excited to help with the tree, and it was fun to see what she remembered about Christmas–like the little snowman ornament from my grandma that has her name on it. We use cotton batting under our tree as fake snow, and she also remembered trying to eat it last year. I laughed as I thought back to when I found her gagging on it… hopefully Sophie won’t make the same mistake! I haven’t yet come across the Advent candles or their holder, but I’m fairly confident that we need to replace them, anyway. I also remembered last night that I’d forgotten all about the Advent calendar–clearly, we’re doing well on staying on top of things here. Continue reading

So This is Advent…

and what have we done?


Sophie is enjoying scrounging for bits of dried up frosting and sprinkles that Grace leaves on the floor… Merry Christmas, kid.

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Sophia Rose Weber
born February 11, 2013
4:08 AM
9 lbs, 21 inches

We’re getting settled in at home and adjusting well. I’ll be writing more soon (birth story, anyone?) but haven’t found the words yet.

My heart is so full. We’re incredibly grateful for this beautiful blessing and loving life with our two girls.

It looks like Christmas…

inside and out, since we got enough snow to cover the ground and it won’t be leaving before Tuesday.

Here’s a few snaps of how Christmas looks at our house:

Grace was saying “cheese!” for the picture… even though she was inside the door.

we do actually wrap gifts… but if they stay hidden, Grace won’t throw a fit to open them

she LOVES her new nightlight(s)

The Little People nativity set was one Grace received as a gift last year. We set it up in her room this year and she loves to play with her ‘tivity. It’s been fun to read her the Christmas story and point out the characters in her set to make it more real for her.

The last photo is actually our Advent calendar. Our nativity set is a Fontanini one, which we bought our first married Christmas with the intent of buying a new piece each year. (hasn’t happened) While in a gift shop this summer, I found a Fontanini section and found this Advent calendar. I had been wanting to find one that we could reuse every year that also didn’t just involve giving out candy every day. This set starts out with the stable magnet, then each day adds a new one, ending with baby Jesus on Christmas morning. Every day, Grace asks for a new magnet when she wakes up in the morning and rearranges all the pieces several times a day, hence the awkward line across the fridge. 🙂