Dear Gemma

I can’t help but think of how your name suits you perfectly. You are our treasure, a true gem. Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Every year, we (okay, Joe does everything!) film a little video to catch up with everyone about our year and to wish everyone a Merry Christmas… think of it as a virtual Christmas card. 😉

Here’s our 2016 Christmas video (above) …and if you’d like to see previous years, here are the ones from 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Gemma: Eleven Months

This baby is walking! She took her first steps at nine months, but now is walking more than crawling. She definitely prefers being upright and tries hard to keep up with her big sisters. I already miss her funny speed-crawl, but it still cracks me up to see her walk around a corner into the room I’m in.  Continue reading

And I Wonder Why I Don’t Get More Done

I had recently been thinking about life with 3 kiddos vs. 1 little needling. Yes, there’s more food and laundry and doctor visits and chauffeuring and night waking but the older ones can do a few things for themselves, and the best is that they have built-in playmates to keep each other occupied. Continue reading

Gemma: Ten Months

It feels as though every stage is fun and new, but I really am loving Gemma’s age right now. Her personality is coming out, she’s learning new things, and I’m constantly reaching for my phone to take a new photo or video of whatever cute things she’s doing. Continue reading