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Some Adventy Thoughts

We pulled out Christmas decorations yesterday, and, while they’re not all out of the tubs yet, we did make some progress in making our house look festive. Grace was so excited to help with the tree, and it was fun to see what she remembered about Christmas–like the little snowman ornament from my grandma that has her name on it. We use cotton batting under our tree as fake snow, and she also remembered trying to eat it last year. I laughed as I thought back to when I found her gagging on it… hopefully Sophie won’t make the same mistake! I haven’t yet come across the Advent candles or their holder, but I’m fairly confident that we need to replace them, anyway. I also remembered last night that I’d forgotten all about the Advent calendar–clearly, we’re doing well on staying on top of things here. Continue reading

Halloween 2014

We had a busy day with house projects going on, so it was a rush to get out the door in time for trick-or-treating. We made it, but had to save pictures for afterward, which meant that the kids were totally distracted but bribed with their newly acquired candy to hold somewhat still. Sophie kept edging further away from Grace, but between both Joe and I, we managed a few passable photos of the girls.  Continue reading

All The Fall Things

We’ve mostly gone a minimalist route for decorating this year, but it’s still fun to get the tub of fall decorations out and put them around the house. We didn’t carve or paint our pumpkins, and only spread our things around last weekend…after meaning to get around to it since September. We don’t have Halloween-specific things, so at least we can stretch it out til Thanksgiving! Continue reading

July 4th Road Trip

I realize that the 4th recaps are old news by now, but I think that I’ve sufficiently recovered from ours to blog about it. You know, for posterity.

I took the girls to NY to visit family there for the first time in almost two years. We drove because we’re a little bit crazy and road trips were our thing growing up. Joe had to stay home for work, but my mom came along because I’m not crazy enough to attempt the 20 hour drive by myself with the kids. Plus, I figured it had to be easier to go this year, instead of next year with a little baby in tow as well.


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Easter Week Highlights

We stayed home for Easter for the first time, and it was so nice and relaxing. Grace loved the Easter egg hunt we did in the backyard (didn’t get moving fast enough to go to one that someone else put on… oops). We also dyed eggs for the first time in more years than I can count, and it was fun to see everyone’s creativity coming out. We mostly skipped the Easter candy (don’t tell Grace) and enjoyed the lack of subsequent sugar highs followed by sugar crashes.

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