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My New Favorite Granola

Is anyone else over the pumpkin obsession that happens every fall? I mean, I like pumpkin, but I don’t really need it in ALL THE THINGS. Anyway, all that to say, here’s a new recipe for something that has zero pumpkin in it. You’re welcome.

Also, full disclosure: I totally stole this recipe from my mom… but she doesn’t have a blog to share it on, anyway. Thanks, Ma! Continue reading

Five Trader Joe’s Favorites

It’s not very often that I get to hit up Trader Joe’s, since there isn’t one within a three-hour radius (go ahead, pity me… and send me a care package) I tend to stock up on some winners while we’re there. We also like to try some new things when we go, and thus far, here’s some of my faves:


1. Peanut Butter with Flax and Chia Seeds: it has a little crunch (so Joe stays far away, which means more for me!) and takes all the thinking out of adding flax+chia seeds for that extra metabolism boost or whatever it is they do. I like it a lot better than adding chia seeds to smoothies, plus it takes out that step.  Continue reading

Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with radio-host Jen, as always

1. First, a little housekeeping: for some mysterious reason, comments aren’t forwarding to my email like they used to. Until I can get that sorted out, please check back on the post for replies. Thanks! (and if you’re familiar with WordPress, I’d appreciate any suggestions, because even Joe is stumped!)

2. I’ve missed having the occasional cocktail/glass of wine, but Natalie came up with an alternative that I’ll have to try.

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Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen, who has been getting all kinds of practice at signing her name

1. I have been meaning to write all week, but it’s been a glorious week and I have a hard time spending nap time inside when it’s perfect outside. After a long, long winter, I was thrilled to have a little bit of color from reading outside in 64 degrees of sunshine. It’s not exactly dolphins in the seas off Mexico good,

(photo shamelessly stolen from my mom’s Facebook), but considering it wasn’t so long ago (a week) that I was looking at this:


Snow in April is all kinds of wrong.

I’ll take every last one of those sixty- or seventy-odd degrees. Every one.

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St. Joseph’s Day Sfinge

What St. Patrick is to Irish-Americans, St. Joseph is to Italian-Americans, especially Sicilians. St. Joseph is the patron of Sicily, and Sicilians asked his intercession to save them from a drought and famine. The rains came, the crops grew, and so he is honored every year on his feast day of March 19. Continue reading