Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with radio-host Jen, as always

1. First, a little housekeeping: for some mysterious reason, comments aren’t forwarding to my email like they used to. Until I can get that sorted out, please check back on the post for replies. Thanks! (and if you’re familiar with WordPress, I’d appreciate any suggestions, because even Joe is stumped!)

2. I’ve missed having the occasional cocktail/glass of wine, but Natalie came up with an alternative that I’ll have to try.

3. Have you all heard of the NoPhone? I would definitely pick the selfie upgrade.

4. Grace was recently requesting oatmeal for breakfast one morning, so I think I might start this fall-ish recipe tonight.

5. If you’re in the mood for a good, real-life love story (I’m a sucker for them!), be sure to check out Olivia and David’s here.

6. I’m loving our new routine of getting Grace off to school each morning (which she LOVES) and then enjoying a couple of quiet hours with this one:

She loves the extra attention from me, and I love that she isn’t screaming because she thinks Grace is out to ruin her life. Wins all around!

7. We offered to host brunch for my niece’s baptism on Sunday, and I think it took awhile to sink in that now I have to clean house quick before people show up.  Looks like that’s how I’ll be spending my Saturday! How about you?

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