Seven Quick Takes

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1. We’ve got the first week of preschool under our belts, and so far, so good. Grace is bringing home little “projects” every day, thanks to a lot of access to art supplies that I tend to be more stingy with (hello, Sophie + messes).

2. The mornings are much quieter now, but that doesn’t always translate to fewer toys strewn around

IMG_0217The price of getting work done. I only wish I could capture just how many puzzle pieces did not fit in the photo.

3. We had the big ultrasound this week, and found out that everything looks normal and our baby has cute footprints. We opted not to find out the gender (we didn’t with the girls, either) which is shocking to so many people. I understand everyone’s curiosity, but I don’t get the animosity we’ve gotten on occasion, as if our decision not to find out our baby’s gender is personally offensive to other people.

4. That said, it doesn’t tell us how to narrow down baby names. Our boy name was an easy discussion, but we have a total of zero ideas for girl names. Any suggestions? 😉

5. We’re definitely an Apple family (pretty sure it was a deal breaker for Joe), but this video cracked us right up.

6. So last night was the kickoff night for football, which means a whole bunch of Sundays (and Monday nights, and Thursdays, too) devoted to football watching and Joe having Soph practice saying “Go Pack Go!” Because even if our teams aren’t playing, odds are high one of us has an interest in any given game thanks to our fantasy league. Anyway, I had been saving this beef and queso dip recipe for the beginning of football, and it was a huge hit! Simple, crowd-pleasing, and no Velveeta was involved!

7. The other day my sister gave me the opportunity to pay her back for all the free babysitting she’s given me over the years, and I hung out with this little girl for a snuggly hour.
IMG_0218dat hair

The girls also loved seeing their new little cousin, and I’m getting Grace some babysitting practice so that in January she can handle things for me.


And that’s all I’ve got for now. Happy weekending, everyone!


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  1. Margaret

    September 5, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    It was great reading your quick takes. Grace a babysitter? Oh, no!

  2. Lisa

    September 6, 2014 at 3:38 am

    This time around it’s been really hard for us to come up w/ a girl name too. And if Audrey has the place to herself she’s the same way w/ the toys- all the toys strewn everywhere! 🙂 Also, that dip sounds so good!


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