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I really need to get some work done this afternoon (nap time, so much to do, and so little time!) so of course I’m typing this out instead. Productivity be mine!

It’s May 8 (yes? my days are all mixed up) and we have our first tornado watch of the year. It’s beginning to feel like summer! Everyone’s allergies are going crazy thanks to the pollen in the air, and Grace lives in mortal fear of the possibility of thunderstorms. I don’t know that she’s actually frightened of the storms or if it’s the thought of a storm that gets her more worked up, but I mentioned that we might get a storm this afternoon and she flew across the house to ask me 32409752039 questions about it. But we’re digging the warmer days–the eating outside, the sidewalk chalk art in the driveway, blowing bubbles, walks, and bike rides. I keep finding myself slipping outside to get my vitamin D with a book when I can. I figure that the messy house will still be there, and, as Anne Shirley would say, there’s much more ‘scope for imagination’ outside than in my cluttered house.

Sophie is walking all over the place, and it’s funny to see her path of destruction around the house. We often search high and low for a toy that I eventually find in a random spot where she left it for something new, like a shirt or ten from Grace’s closet or a piece of fuzz that she pulled off a toy.  I love seeing her cruise around, especially when she goes in circles in the living room.

I think Grace thinks if she whispers I won’t hear her not napping, but she’s about to get a reality check. Maybe she needs a reminder that naps are SACRED in this house/for my sanity?
IMG_0176I snapped this a few days ago, when she needed a little help backing away from the crazy cliff and going back for some much-needed sleep. What is it about sleeping little ones that make for such sweet pictures?

What is it about spring and summer that makes them so busy? I know, everyone is always busy, but this time of year seems extra so. Maybe all the graduations and weddings? This summer, we have three graduation parties, six weddings, a vow renewal, and two priestly ordinations. There’s no way we can make everything, but our calendar is still filling up.

Big news for my area: We are getting a Hobby Lobby! Or as my grandma calls it, Holly Hobby. Either way, awesome. Now all we need is a Target and I may never have to set foot in a Walmart again!

What are some favorite meals to take to someone? There are several moms locally who just had babies, and I always get so indecisive about what to make that I often never decide and never take anything. I’m trying to be a bit more proactive, and would love some ideas. I remember how awesome it was when people brought us food after Sophie was born–so much so that Joe talked about faking a serious injury so more people would stop by with a meal.

This song has been my jam lately: (usual disclaimer about not watching music vids, so don’t blame me if it’s weird)

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  1. Lisa

    May 8, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    Nap time has been thrown off kilter more than once this week and it was almost enough to drive me to the loony bin- I concur that it is a sacred time!! And you’re so lucky to be getting a Hobby Lobby! The closest one to us is over an hr. away and I’m always hoping they’ll open one nearby. 🙂

  2. Cynthia

    May 8, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Have you ever heard of the book, Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco? It’s such a cute little book that takes the “fear” out of thunderstorms, not to mention has a yummy cake recipe toward the back. I did this with my boys last week and oddly enough, it has really made a difference on the storm front 😉

  3. Michelle

    May 22, 2014 at 6:58 am

    What a gorgeous little girl.



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