Easter Week Highlights

We stayed home for Easter for the first time, and it was so nice and relaxing. Grace loved the Easter egg hunt we did in the backyard (didn’t get moving fast enough to go to one that someone else put on… oops). We also dyed eggs for the first time in more years than I can count, and it was fun to see everyone’s creativity coming out. We mostly skipped the Easter candy (don’t tell Grace) and enjoyed the lack of subsequent sugar highs followed by sugar crashes.

IMG_0173We’ve been on a board game kick with my sister and brother-in-law, and in an Easter miracle, got my mom to play this one. I think she even had fun.

Grace had her first dentist appointment, which went surprisingly well. She refused to open her mouth wide except once as she made a face at Sophie, opted to watch cartoons sans sound (I guess she didn’t like the headphones they offered?) on the TV over her chair, and took her sweet time choosing a cheap little trinket from the prize box.

Joe’s sister came for part of the week, and the girls loved all the extra attention she showered on them. She had a lot of indoor picnics, patiently read the same few books a million times to Grace, and babysat so I could run a bunch of errands all by myself-no carseats involved. Oh, and she bought us liquor. If that isn’t luxury, I don’t know what is.
IMG_0171In other news, Sophie has discovered that her little fingers fit perfectly inside her little nostrils.

Luckily, we had dinner plans with a couple of other families the night that Marian left, so we didn’t go through an immediate detox. Grace had a blast bossing around an eleven year old girl who pushed her in the baby swing until Grace got stuck, and Sophie only got away with eating dog food once, so I’d call it a success.

Today we’re fully detoxing: stuck inside (rain all week=no parks, playgrounds, walks, or chalk art in the driveway), Sophie dumped a bunch of my coffee, and I’m the only adult for the kids to get their attention fix with. Here’s hoping that the gloomy dark day makes for long naps. This photo sums it up well: it was taken right after Grace sat on the Lego board so Sophie couldn’t play, right before the general whining and naughtiness commenced, and nobody is dressed (still, hours later).

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  1. Theresa

    April 28, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    It’s nice to read your blog, Francine! Thanks for keeping us up to date, but it does makes us miss you guys 😉

  2. Ellen Johnson

    April 29, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Francine, we didn’t do much candy either, and we could’ve gotten away with none. Can I just say, I love that? I mean, I love getting candy for myself, but it’s great that candy is not really a thing with my kiddo yet and I kinda want to keep it that way. I know that in a few years, candy binges will be a natural part of holidays with kids but I just want to put that reality off as long as possible.

  3. Margaret

    April 29, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    I loved reading about your comings and goings. I will pray for an increase of patience for you and extra long naps for the girls.


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