Baby Items You Don’t Need

When Grace was born, we had very little money and lived in a small apartment. The second bedroom had to simultaneously serve as a guest room, Joe’s office, and nursery. We only had the space and money for the bare essentials. The baby registry lists will make you think you need a ton of extra gear, which really isn’t the case.  Here’s a few things we learned that weren’t worth our time, money, or space:

1. Diaper Genie – We had one, and quit using it. A small trashcan and grocery bags do the trick for us.

2. A wipes warmer – nice, but not necessary. Also, I’ve heard rumors about mold problems with the warmth + moisture, so…

3. A million stuffed animals – we were gifted so many, and Grace still doesn’t play with them… ever. They add a cute touch to a nursery, then you’re supposed to take them out of the crib (suffocation hazard) and then they collect dust.

4. Receiving blankets – They’re too small to do anything. The only good use I’ve had for them is to lay them in the infant bathtub before laying the baby in. This helps keep baby warm in the water and helps keep them from being so darn slippery. But otherwise, useless.

5. Special laundry detergent – I mean, at some point you’re just going to switch back to Tide or whatever you normally use anyway, so why bother?

6. Humidifier/Air Purifier – Don’t spend your money if you don’t need to. More stuff that takes up space and your kid probably won’t need it.

7. Changing table- with Grace, we simply didn’t have the space. We just had a little caddy that had everything we needed, and moved it wherever we changed her. With Sophie, we had an old dresser that got repainted and we bought a changing pad for the top. (No pad covers, the one we have wipes clean easily- less laundry!)

8. Baby Shoes – Probably the cutest things out there for babies, and they really don’t do anything. It’s not like your kids are walking yet, and they get kicked off and lost easily.

9. Which reminds me – Mittens. Good idea, except they don’t stay on. They’re worse than keeping the baby’s socks on.

As far as all the larger toys go, every kid likes different things. I’d suggest borrowing/garage sale/consignment shops for these. They can get really expensive really quickly, and there’s no guarantee your baby will even tolerate them. We really liked the swing and exersaucer, and Sophie likes the bouncy seat. I think we may have used a jumper once with Grace, and we never had or missed a walker. Plus, aren’t those recalled for safety issues?

What about you? Are there any items you wish you hadn’t spent your money on? What am I forgetting?

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