Back in Action

We just got back last night from our long drive to NY to celebrate my best friend’s wedding. The trip was awesome and I feel so blessed. I’ll probably write more about it another time, but for now I wanted to post a quickie update to try and get back in the groove of blogging and homemaking again.  I’m taking a little break from catching up on laundry (procrastinating folding as I type) and unpacking (I hate it) while I eat my favorite white cheddar popcorn (they don’t carry my fave brand here, so I had to get some to bring home) and read up on all the blog posts I missed. Until I have something more noteworthy to share, here’s a few other clickable posts to feast on:

Congrats to Ashley on her beautiful little girl!
And on that note, to Jen on her anniversary and her big news!
I’m totally making this soup pronto. Probably with grilled cheese or a baguette, something with lots of carbs.
Check out my sister’s blog on being single, especially her latest post.
Pretty much all of Simcha Fisher’s writing is literary gold, but here’s a recent favorite.
This is from before I left, but just got a chance to read it: check out Sara’s Lego-themed party for her son. So cute, and it looks easy enough that I might even file it away for future uses.
Anna and Ana have both helped inspire me to bake an apple pie to celebrate the beginning of fall. We’ll see how ambitious I get this weekend.

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  1. Anna @ IHOD

    October 10, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Isn’t NY beautiful in the fall?
    Can’t wait to check out your links.
    Hope you tackle that apple pie;)
    Have a lovely day ahead!

  2. Jennifer @ Conversion Diary

    November 28, 2012 at 4:56 am

    I’m way, way late on this, but thanks so much for the kind words!


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