I’m Still Alive

Since even my dad was getting concerned over my decided lack of blogging, I thought I’d throw this out there to let you know I’m still alive and kicking. One of the reasons for going quiet in the blogosphere was a week-long trip to visit Joe’s brother and his wife in Florida. While I realize this isn’t typically the time of year to head south, we wanted to get in a trip before Grace turns two (read: we have to actually buy her ticket) and since Joe’s brother is a teacher, we were able to time it for when he got done working for the summer. Joe’s sister made the trip, too, so we had a fun sibling vacation. Also, since the flights weren’t full, we still got to have the extra seat for Grace instead of holding her on our laps the entire time. Praise the Lord.

True to form, I took zero pictures on the trip, but here’s a few that I scavenged from Joe’s phone from our trip: (Warning: photo overload ahead)

pointing out the rainbow

godmother and goddaughter

beach babe. only one who didn’t get sunburned.

the lump in the water in the middle of the pic? it’s a large gator.

Joe and Ben represented the fam and stood up for religious freedom
at the pier to watch the sunset

Children’s Museum of Naples- probably wrecking the bridge we were building

more children’s museum

Children’s Museum- where Florida kids go to build a snowman

group shot at zee beach

“Airplane take a bath?”

Thanks for a great week, Ben and T! Can’t wait to come back!

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  1. Life with Kaishon

    July 23, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    That looks like a very fun vacation for sure. Summer is so busy, isn’t it? Busy in a nice and relaxed way!


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