Miscellany Monday

1. I figured joining up with Carissa would be a good way to keep me writing in a way that works for me- random items in list form. A girl after my own heart. Plus she just ran a half marathon and I’m only a wee bit jealous of her endurance.

2. For the first time since, oh, I don’t know, July, we were able to enjoy a nice, quiet weekend at home. Well, it was nice until the Packers lost. I’m not sure Joe will ever get over it. 
3. I think I finally understand what pregnant women feel like when they’re nesting. I’ve been excited and motivated (okay, more motivated than usual) to get cleaning and organizing done. I just went through some clothes and shoes are next on the list. Which means I have more room in my closet for new things! Time to go shopping! (Right, Joe? :D)
4. No, stalkers, I’m not pregnant.
5. My sister has been staying with us this week and it’s been so much fun having her here. Grace loves having someone else to play with and I love having another adult to talk to during the day. 
6. I just realized that I haven’t posted any photos in awhile and thought I’d find one of Grace for long-distance family, but apparently I haven’t taken any recently. Maybe I should add take more pictures to my New Year’s resolution list. I’m pretty sure any pictures taken of Grace or our family in the past four months are on Joe’s phone. Oops.

7. Happy Monday, everyone! 
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  1. carissa at lowercase letters

    January 17, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    so i was cheering on the giants… so sorry. i needed my 49ers to play at home this week. sorry it had to be at the loss of your Packers! glad you enjoyed a weekend at home.


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