Kick ALS

Not so long ago (but a decade in Internet-time), you couldn’t be online without seeing something about the ALS ice bucket challenge, or a post about what someone thought about it. From someone who has a family member with ALS, it was truly wonderful to see all the cat videos replaced with awareness of a horrible, fatal disease that many people don’t know much about. The ice bucket challenge brought in a lot of money for research and care, and it brought hope to so many victims and families who are praying every single day for a cure.  Continue reading


I didn’t mean to go a whole week without writing, but somehow life just got away from me. And then yesterday was just a Day. You know the kind, where nothing gets done, I get grouchy, someone flushed her underwear down the toilet (not me) and the kids’ hunger strike protest went into day three. By the end of the day, I just wanted to go away, to be anywhere but here. And then Joe came home, and after some miscommunication where I knew I was clearly right and so he obviously had to be wrong, I find out that the poor guy was just trying to be nice (notice the updated header above!) and helpful to his crazy wife… which made me feel even worse. Smart man that he is, he took the kids out for a long walk so I could make dinner without leg-clingers, and the kids were finally happy with what I served so dinner went smoothly.

I know that part of my problem is letting little things dictate my attitude, and losing my cool when they don’t go as planned. Another big part is measuring a day’s success by my to-do list. It’s hard it feels as though I can’t ever get ahead, when everything I do just needs to get done again in a day or two. The same dishes keep needing to be washed, the same clothes pile up, the carpet is always needing to be vacuumed, and many of the things I (and other stay at home parents and homemakers) do is hard to measure. I don’t calculate how much time I spend playing with the kids, how many hugs they give me, or count the books that they bring me to read them as they curl up next to me on the couch. I don’t keep track of all the times that Grace draws Sophie’s requests on the magna doodle (Elmo, moon, and stars, please) and the minutes they happily spend playing together. Granted, those times are generally ended by screaming, but still.


I know it’s important for me to get my tasks done–the dishes don’t wash themselves, nobody else has been volunteering to clean the bathroom, and Grace has a tendency to use her clothes to wipe her mouth when she eats. But I also have a feeling that someday, in the next life, I won’t be questioned on how many days I finished my to-do list, but on how well I loved my family, even when things didn’t go the way I wanted them to.

Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with radio-host Jen, as always

1. First, a little housekeeping: for some mysterious reason, comments aren’t forwarding to my email like they used to. Until I can get that sorted out, please check back on the post for replies. Thanks! (and if you’re familiar with WordPress, I’d appreciate any suggestions, because even Joe is stumped!)

2. I’ve missed having the occasional cocktail/glass of wine, but Natalie came up with an alternative that I’ll have to try.

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One Shade of Gray

and honestly, I couldn’t tell you which one it is–it’s a blend of a couple of colors (read:custom).

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform a room. Gone are the crayon marks, nail holes (a large one had to get repaired twice thanks to Soph and her little finger) and the dirty walls from where Grace put her feet/hands on the wall when she wasn’t napping.

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Grace’s Room Refresh

Phase 1, because we’re not done yet. More to come this week!

We started the transition to make Grace’s room the big girls’ room, although it will probably still be awhile before Sophia moves in. Poor Grace was still in her toddler bed, and since she’s crazy tall, was really close to being too long for it. She was pumped to finally get her big girl bed (we’ve been talking about this transition for awhile) and frankly, I’m a bit surprised she eventually fell asleep in it for her nap today. She just was disappointed that Soph won’t be sleeping in that room yet, but since she’s still doing well in the crib (and needs more sleep than Grace) I don’t really want to move her until it’s closer to the baby’s due date. Continue reading