Throw Me a Bone

It turns out that what I thought was Sophie’s allergies and teething was actually colds/slight fevers that have been making their way through the house. Joe and I got sick over the weekend. I’m pretty sure that it should be against the laws of nature that both adults in the house should definitely not be sick and miserable at the same time. At least Joe can take stronger meds than his pregnant wife to help him sleep at night. In the meantime, we’re seriously considering buying stock in Kleenex, since we’ve been going through them at an alarming rate lately. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that we’re on the upswing now.

Joe is healing well, and is now cast and walking boot free! He still has to wear a wrist brace, now has physical therapy, and has an ankle brace that is just big enough to ensure that he can wear almost no shoe over it, which is the whole point. On the plus side, he can drive now. Hooray! Unfortunately, his car is currently dead and even if it wasn’t, he can’t drive it. His car is a stick shift, which I have yet to learn (yes, I know. Joe has tried to teach me, even though I’m a poor student who takes out frustration on him) and because of his injuries, he really shouldn’t drive it anyway. It seems that after my pregnancy sickness, his lingering injuries, everyone’s summer viruses, and crazy work/social calendar, we really can’t win.

Grace went to our church’s version of Vacation Bible School (Bible Story Timeout, as I’ve been corrected by her a zillion times) and loved it. I won’t say I was sorry to have a 2 hour break from her every day (especially since she was a hellion as soon as I picked her up) and I know she had a blast. It makes me excited for her to start preschool next month–not for the break from her, but because I know she will love it. Anyway, they sent a CD home with her at the end of the week with some catchy little biblically-based songs (“Joseph’s brothers did something wrong, oh no, oh no!”) and she wants to listen to it all the time. I fall asleep at night to these songs in my head.
IMG_0203She took a break from watching the Kentucky Derby to sing along. She’s a bit bashful about it, and from what I’ve gathered, there are also little motions that go with the songs, but I’ve only caught her at them a few times.

I was starting to plan ahead for a family trip we’re going on soon, and am realizing that I have nothing to wear. Not in the ‘I just don’t feel like wearing any of these clothes because I’m fickle like that’ but in an awkward pregnancy phase of my regular clothes not fitting and maternity clothes still being a bit big. I’ve been living in sweats lately (thank you, sickness) so I’d kind of forgotten about the fact that it mostly just looks like I’ve given up.

The girls have a new favorite pastime, called Sneaking Into the Bathroom and Throwing All of the Q-Tips Everywhere with Glee. It is not my favorite game. Their other new fad is freaking out when they see a fly, which fails to get the sympathy they’re usually going for. Soph has been vacillating between wanting to play with “Dace” and getting angry if Grace comes within a three-foot radius of her. It generally makes for lots of screaming, either way.

IMG_0204Don’t be fooled by her cute smile. She really does hate everything, except her own reflection in my phone.


July 4th Road Trip

I realize that the 4th recaps are old news by now, but I think that I’ve sufficiently recovered from ours to blog about it. You know, for posterity.

I took the girls to NY to visit family there for the first time in almost two years. We drove because we’re a little bit crazy and road trips were our thing growing up. Joe had to stay home for work, but my mom came along because I’m not crazy enough to attempt the 20 hour drive by myself with the kids. Plus, I figured it had to be easier to go this year, instead of next year with a little baby in tow as well.


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Where I’ve Been (Big News!)

Okay guys. Half of my readers (Mom and Joe) warned me against pointing out how long it is since I’ve blogged, but I felt as though I have a bit of explaining to do. I promise I have good reasons, outside of the whole busy work/busy summer/crazy kids excuses that don’t really count. So, here you go: Continue reading

Thoughts and Sundry

I really need to get some work done this afternoon (nap time, so much to do, and so little time!) so of course I’m typing this out instead. Productivity be mine!

It’s May 8 (yes? my days are all mixed up) and we have our first tornado watch of the year. It’s beginning to feel like summer! Everyone’s allergies are going crazy thanks to the pollen in the air, and Grace lives in mortal fear of the possibility of thunderstorms. I don’t know that she’s actually frightened of the storms or if it’s the thought of a storm that gets her more worked up, but I mentioned that we might get a storm this afternoon and she flew across the house to ask me 32409752039 questions about it. But we’re digging the warmer days–the eating outside, the sidewalk chalk art in the driveway, blowing bubbles, walks, and bike rides. I keep finding myself slipping outside to get my vitamin D with a book when I can. I figure that the messy house will still be there, and, as Anne Shirley would say, there’s much more ‘scope for imagination’ outside than in my cluttered house. Continue reading