We just got back from a long weekend in South Bend, Indiana to celebrate a college friend’s wedding. My mom graciously took care of the bigger kids so we only had Gemma with us, and oh my goodness it was amazing. She slept for a couple of hours at a time on the drive, allowing us to talk uninterrupted–lap of luxury right there, folks. Continue reading

Gemma: Four Months

There seems to be such a big difference in little Gem in the last month–she just seems like an older baby. We saw some friends with their newborn on Sunday, and it hit me how much bigger Gemma is now. Her cries don’t sound so tiny anymore, she rolls over all the time, and she recently found her feet. Continue reading

Weekend Update

We took our first baby-sized trip (as a family of 5) out of town to visit my mom for the weekend. It worked out that I got to hit up a girls’ night with a few of my cousins… and I realized I have zero photos because we were too busy laughing, loving on the babies (Gemma and her little miracle premie cousin Florence) and drinking margaritas. Next time! I was so glad to go and have some fun with my cousins, who are not only a really good time, but they’re some of my best friends.  Continue reading


It’s been interesting to see the girls’ relationship grow and change as they do. They both have strong little personalities which means that they have frequent battles, but now that Sophie’s older, she is a better playmate for Grace. Now that spring has arrived, they have been enjoying the chance to play outside more, and I loved spying on them sitting sweetly together recently.  Continue reading