All The Fall Things

We’ve mostly gone a minimalist route for decorating this year, but it’s still fun to get the tub of fall decorations out and put them around the house. We didn’t carve or paint our pumpkins, and only spread our things around last weekend…after meaning to get around to it since September. We don’t have Halloween-specific things, so at least we can stretch it out til Thanksgiving! Continue reading

What I Want to Remember

Lately I’ve been struck by random moments that don’t really stand out as big memories–you know, like family vacations, holidays, etc., but just little instances throughout the day that I want to remember.

Things like the way Grace sings whatever comes into her head. The other day, as we were getting ready to leave for church, I heard her singing Counting Stars, with an Itsy Bitsy Spider encore. Continue reading

Pardon our Dust

We finally got rolling with our biggest house project since we moved in: transforming a room in our basement into an actual bedroom. Half of our basement is finished, but it was seriously dated (think barn wood, brick planters, old carpet, paneled walls… you start to get the idea). The walls in the larger room were painted three years ago when Joe was working from home to brighten up the space, but we hadn’t done much with the other room. We set it up as a guest room/storage, but it still had a dark, uninviting feel to it.


One corner of the room, but the whole space looked a lot like this.

Continue reading

My New Favorite Granola

Is anyone else over the pumpkin obsession that happens every fall? I mean, I like pumpkin, but I don’t really need it in ALL THE THINGS. Anyway, all that to say, here’s a new recipe for something that has zero pumpkin in it. You’re welcome.

Also, full disclosure: I totally stole this recipe from my mom… but she doesn’t have a blog to share it on, anyway. Thanks, Ma! Continue reading