Summer Lovin’

You guys. I missed this space. We’ve been busy (but not any more than the rest of you!) doing summery things and I just haven’t made this enough of a priority. I’ve been waffling between just having other things on my plate and being too wiped out to blog. I do want to make writing happen more frequently again, so here I am, and here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to.

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Gemma: Five Months

It’s already hard to imagine life before our little Gem. She smiles and laughs a lot, loves the sound of her voice, and gets excited to see her sisters. Even though she’s getting too big for it, I still love putting her in the bouncy seat, because she kicks like crazy–far more than Grace or Sophie ever did. It’s so fun when she kicks excitedly every time she spots someone walking in her general direction.  Continue reading

Simple Summer Activities

I’ve found that it usually doesn’t go well if we don’t have some structure in our days, so I like to have a list of easy ideas to refer to when I need inspiration for some fun when there’s not much else going on. I thought I’d share this list in case there’s others in the same boat, needing some simple, inexpensive summer activities that don’t require much planning to break up the monotony that can set in. Here’s what I’ve got so far: Continue reading

Embracing the Season

“Wow. You can tell little kids live here.”

It’s true. In my living room, the bookshelves range from wedding photos and classic lit, to brightly-colored plastic toys and picture books. There’s perpetually construction paper projects on top of the liquor cabinet, and the odds are good that there’re more toys under my couch than I know about. Move into the kitchen, and it’s hard to miss the alphabet letter magnets gracing the fridge. Our bathroom sports a step stool to accommodate little legs, and there’s an assortment of sippy cups that migrate around the house, seemingly of their own accord.  Continue reading

That’s What She Said

Grace: “Elsa and Anna’s parents were dead ’cause they were violenced by a bad guy!” Continue reading