Gemma: Three Months

Gemma is our little sweetheart. She smiles easily, has laughed a couple of times, and is generally easy-going. We were genuinely surprised a couple of days ago to hear her actually crying, pouty lips, tears, and all. Continue reading

27 Things About Me

In order to reintroduce myself to some of you (and maybe for the first time for new followers) I thought I’d share some tidbits so you can get to know me better (narcissist much?)… and since I turned 27 on Friday, here are 27 things about me. Continue reading

DIY Wall Art

I fell in love with a couple of whimsical maps of Paris and Rome from Rifle Paper Co. a couple of years ago, but didn’t love the price tag for one, let alone two prints + the frames I’d need to hang them. When I came across the calendar that included these two (plus more!) on sale for half off, I pounced.  Continue reading

This is two

… in a nutshell.

Sophia: “I can do it! I can do it!”
Me: “What can you do, Sophie?”
Sophia: “No.”


It seems that every day, I have a moment where I pause for a second and realize that I’m such a mom. I’ve always been a typical bossy, mother-hen type of oldest child, (as my brother reminded me every time he sarcastically called me ‘Mom’ since we were little kids), but now it’s really sinking in. I sometimes wonder exactly how I got to this point in my life. I’m not complaining–just a bit surprised sometimes at how I actually spend my days. Continue reading