Clickable Roundup

I love a good dance scene in a movie (or anywhere, really) and loved this mashup to Uptown Funk.

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Gemma: Eight Months

Gemma is never happier than when she’s upright, and she’ll pull herself up on anything that holds still long enough–including her big sisters. She loves trying to get into the fridge, sneaking into the bathroom, and carrying a small piece of orange felt (origins unknown) around the house. Continue reading

Last Days of Summer

Even though school has already started here, it still felt like summer through the weekend. August always flies by for us, since Joe always has a huge work project in the first week, and then we have back-to-school preparations along with a bunch of family birthdays. Now that it’s after Labor Day, we’re back into the swing of routines of school, work, meetings, and soccer practice. I’m not going to lie, having a bit more structure to our days again feels pretty good.  Continue reading

Grown-Up Back to School List

I always loved back to school shopping. Everything was fresh and clean and new, from the backpacks to the still-pointy crayons to the pristine white of my shoes. The fun of having new school supplies helped to make up for actually going back to school and all the quizzes and homework that came with it. I still get excited when I see all the back to school sales that start popping up in August, and kind of wish I had a reason to take advantage of more of them. I did get to enjoy taking my little kindergartener shopping for everything on her school’s list, but of course, none of that was for me! I don’t miss being in class myself, but if I did have to go back, I’m sure a few of these items would make the transition a little easier.

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Dear Grace

Today, you turned five years old. Five! I was so glad I got to see your face this morning when you came out of your room and saw the decorations all over the house. You were so excited, and you loved that we did it for you, for your birthday. Five seems like such a milestone, like you’re a big-little kid now. I know that it really hasn’t been that long, but it’s strange to think about life before you. How was there a time when we didn’t know you? Continue reading